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  1. vinniez

    450X Fuel tank!!

    Are you looking for stock or after market large?
  2. vinniez

    Dove springs: Where to tent camp?

    Dirtywurly is right. 3.5 miles up the main road.There is no running water just a hole in the ground with 4 walls and a roof. You really need to be careful around there because it is always crowded and a lot of riders cruising around that area. Hope you all have a good time. I believe if you look north of the first toilet there is one that is a little farther back off the main road.
  3. vinniez

    Plated California Bike worth

    I have an 05 X that is plated JD jet kit, Pink wire mods,air box mods,FMF Q ,Roller pegs,Baja Designs kit,IMS tank, Endurance computer, and a RPS stablizer that I am not going to be able to ride for a while. I was thinking of selling it. What do you all think it might be worth?
  4. vinniez

    Used 400EX isues?

    great machine. Just make sure it is not thrashed. Bike is almost bullet proof.
  5. vinniez

    Looking for Camper Shell

    I have a white shell It is a snug top. It is in great condition. I have been thinking of selling it. Maybe work out a partial trade for the bed cap.
  6. vinniez

    Water Tanks Under Trailers

    I have a 68 gallon tank in the back of my truck and I just went down to the local RV parts house and purchased a 12 volt pump for the domestic water supply. I then made a pigtail that plugs into my trailer plug on the truck. I have pumped for a couple of hours and have not had any problems with it.
  7. Well I am no expert but after having owned 4 different trailers in the last 6 years I do have some in-site. Here goes. Started with a tent trailer, (light weight, drag it anywhere you want to go, easy to store, not bear proof, not real comfortable during stormy weather) 18' Tahoe TB. ( light weight, take almost anywhere, large fresh tank, load friendly, small, does not hold much) 28' Tahoe TB. ( Large, towed nice, easy to load, plenty of room for quads and bikes, nice bathroom, large tanks, Great in the dessert but sucked in the mountains, Can't take it to lots of campgrounds, hard to pull into a lot of remote locations, don't want to get off the highway in Southern Calif. with it, hard to store) 24" Cougar TT. with slide out.Monster rack in truck bed ( Nice size to go almost anywhere, very comfortable after a long days ride, easy to pull, heavy axles, 15" tires, pull out rack on the back for storage/ bike rack, smaller fresh tank, less storage, and the most important part is the wife is happy) So to sum it all up what is the perfect trailer? I can not answer that for you. But I do know when the wife is happy then me and the son are happy. She goes with us and plays house and we go ride. When we get back from a day of riding she will have baked something in the oven, have a cold beer waiting for me and a smile on her face. Oh and a Honda 2000 watt generator so she can run the hair dryer.
  8. vinniez

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    All I know is that in the kit there was some paperwork from the California DMV. I believe this same paperwork is available on line. I had to do some homework but I was successful in getting a plate. right or wrong I don't know. I am not going to say anything about it. I just went down and got it insured and then went to the DMV and found a really nice lady to help me. Of course it pays to be really nice to them also. Just think if you had that job and had to deal with all of us. I do not plan on riding it on the street much just from trail to trail.
  9. vinniez

    Ever hear of Joe Racer or Off-Road Only ?

    I purchased the Baja Designs kit and am very happy to say that I am more than pleased. The kit was very simple to install. Instructions were right on (yes for once I did read the instructions first) everything worked as it should, (they even use the stock type of connectors in this kit), and it came with the paperwork for the D.M.V.. I now have a plated 450x. I also helped a friend with his wr450f and it to was right on. Even the stator mod instructions were easy to follow. Baja Designs keep up the good work.
  10. vinniez

    450x Shes Done!!!!

    If you don't like the Baja designs headlamp take a look at the stock one. It has a dual filament bulb already in it. You just have to wire it up correctly. Of course it is not D.O.T. legal.
  11. vinniez

    Should I Buy A Crf 450x?

    Buy it. I just bought one did all of the simple mods and love it. I went from a xr650l to the 450x. I have to say this is the best bike I have ever owned for the type of riding i do. Trail,Desert and Dual-sport. Plenty of power and speed.
  12. I did the test on a 1998 Harley FXR . I had only rode this bike for a couple of hours before taking the test. It was not that bad. You just have to pay attention to what you are doing. Listen to the person giving the test. Oh don't piss them off. They have a way of remembering that kind of stuff.
  13. Do what I did. I had a bad experience with a seller and went through e-bay to come up with some sort of resolution but e-bay did nothing. I then just kept an eye on the seller and everything that he listed. I would then e-mail the bidders who were bidding on one of his items and let them know what kind of seller he was. This went on for about 2 months and he filed a complaint against me. They threatened me with legal action and I laughed at them. Never herd from them again. Last I heard he had stopped selling on e-bay. I did get a letter from him once treating me saying that I had ruined his business. I replied that he was the one that ruined it.
  14. vinniez

    Thinking of Buying a 650L

    Bought a 05 l just a few months ago. Last bike I rode offroad was a KDX. I use the BRP to commute to and from work and also participate in dual sports. I have lowered the gearing and still can cruise down the highway at 65 +.I love my bike. I can't how much fun it is to ride both on the street and the trail. The longest one day trail ride was 220 miles. Major case of monkey butt but still rode another 150 the next day. I find myself leaving the Harley at home and taking the L around town. Nothing better than having to take the long way home through Pozo. I say buy the 650L
  15. vinniez

    Pegs on a 650l

    After more than 15 years off the trail I decided to get back in to it again. Being that I live in California I decided to go with a 650L. I love the beast. I don't know why I waited so long. But I do have a question for some of you. What is up with the pegs. The left side peg is mounted higher and more inboard than the right side. Is there an simple fix?