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  1. They are not the same. i have the same setup and had the same question. Found out they are not the same. I got backgrounds from DecalWorks and when I called them I told them wr side plates and yzf front plate and they were very accomidating to the special order with no extra cost. Jeff
  2. skinhead

    What year YZF plastics fit 06 WR?

    05 YZF plastic will work for the 06 WR. The exception is/are the side number plates. The will fit with some modification but I personally found it better to just keep the stockers on. I used 05 YZF plastic for my WR, you can check it out in my garage. I hope this helps! Jeff
  3. Here are some video clips from my weekend at Caineville, UT. This is Taylor's gap traversed by the ever spectacular Chris Peterson. http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/retro-wr/Caineville/ Jeff
  4. skinhead

    dented 4 stroke exhaust

    Try contacting yosh or their distributor and see if they can repair it. My WB carbon muffler blew off the end and WB fixed it for me for a small fee. Jeff
  5. skinhead

    just got the pipe on

    Funnily enough I went from a 175 to a 178 on the main and moved the clip up one position (friends thought I needed to go the other way). That seemed to tune it just right, except the usual ritual of tuning the fuel screw when I go riding. But I am at about 4100' ASL. Jeff
  6. skinhead

    just got the pipe on

    I had a similar problem when I put my WB system on. I ended up adjusting the needle clip (JD) and fuel screw to resolve the problem. I even think I moved one size on the main. Jeff
  7. skinhead

    What kind of jet kit?

    Amen Barton! Most improvement on my bike next to the carbon/ti exhaust system. However the exhaust only enhances the power provided by the needle. Jeff
  8. skinhead

    Setting up Suspension

    When you get to the point of fine tuning the suspension here is a link to a document I like to use as an outline; http://www.mx-tech.com/downloads/tuning_guide.pdf I just went to the local track and rode, making note of how the bike was handling and comparing it to the tuning guide and got it smooth as silk. Jeff
  9. skinhead

    WR hard on plugs

    Sounds like a jetting issue. When you pull the plug and look at it is it black and kinda goopy? Or is it lighter with a burned/arc look to it? If it is dark then you are running rich, light you are running lean. Alter the main jet and needle clip one way or another based on your rich/lean condition. Another thing you should do is get the JD jetting kit. Massive improvement. Look at http://www.thumperfaq.com/jetting.htm for a plethora of information on jetting. The jetting forum has an incredible moderator that knows EVERYTHING about the FCR carb. Jeff
  10. skinhead

    Old Yeller ---DRZ, time to retire

    If you are not in need of a top end buy a 250 and put the athena 290 in it. Light weight and low end grunt/power. If you need your top end, get a good port and valve job done. Jeff (from DRZ-400E to WR250F soon to be 290F)
  11. skinhead

    Is my DR-Z400 too big for me? HELP

    I have a DRZ 400E. Great bike with lots of power. But I started riding some technical single tracks and that bike had a tendency to body slam me once it started to tip over. I am 6' and around 220 and felt very out matched for what I was riding. I am in the process of selling it and bought an 06 wr250f. What a change. When this bike starts over I can wrestle it back up. I have made the bike into a YZF(see garage) with e-start (better and easier for an old man or when you stall going up cement hill near 5 miles of he!!. I too wanted to ride some track and the YZF mods sure help out, thanks TT DRZ-400: broken wrist (three surgeries for repair), torn hamstring, broken finger. WR250F: No significant injury to date (knock on wood). This is just my experience... Jeff "skinhead" Skinner
  12. skinhead

    WR hard on plugs

    What do you mean by "blowing plugs"? Fouling or are they burning/melting the electrode at the end? How is the bike running? Is it boggy or sluggish? Off the bat it sounds like a jetting issue. Any after market parts connected to the coil? I know you had the jetting done but jetting is a unique as the vin number on your bike. The current temp and humidity can affect jetting. Do you have a fuel screw installed? Jeff
  13. skinhead

    any1 know what best pipe is at low cost

    I have heard the Rocket is a good pipe at a reasonable price. I managed to get a closeout priced WB that works great too. http://www.rocketexhaust.com/candypress/Scripts/default.asp Jeff
  14. skinhead

    Hurricane graphics are on my '06...

    It is a black tank. I have most of my pieces outlined in my garage. But if you have any more questions on how I did any part of it just pm me. Jeff
  15. skinhead

    Hurricane graphics are on my '06...

    I have an 06 WR250 and hurricaned it and have a larger gas tank. I got the Clark 2.8 gal for 05 YZF that works for the 06 WRF. Here is the link http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j199/retro-wr/WR250F%20retro%20process/ Jeff