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  1. Dapper

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    Mickeyo, I think I have 6 riders now. Thanks.
  2. Dapper

    mickeyo walnut/ rental

    I'll be there with AST. Thanks Mickeyo.
  3. Your facts are wrong and your judgment is suspect. Sure hope you are not cutting on people for a living.
  4. Dapper

    mickeyo walnut rental

    Thanks Mickeyo. My group of three will be there. Love those rentals ! A lot of seat time.
  5. Dapper

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    Thanks for stating the obvious. He paid insurance premiums and the carrier agreed in return to provide a legal defense.
  6. Dapper

    Midwest Track Owners Beware!

    If you purchased insurance for the operation of the track your insurance carrier is contractually obligated to provide you with a legal defense (ie, a free lawyer). Contact your insurance agent and provide quick notice of receipt of the summons.
  7. Dapper

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    Mickeyo, I would love to attend again. I would like to bring AST above plus one other rider. Let me know if that is a problem. One last ride would be great.
  8. I tried that. There wasn't enough room to get the shock in there after the air boot was installed. I like the idea of heating up the airboot with a hair dryer. It is amazing how many times you need a hair dryer in the shop.
  9. I have checked and re-shimed valves on an 03, 06, and 07 over the years. I re-shimed my 09 this weekend and it was much more difficult. I spent two hours trying to get the airboot to slide over the EFI unit. I greased it up but had no luck. I finally sprayed WD-40 everywhere (what a mess) and it finally slipped on. The space limitations around the 09 EFI unit created may frustrations. It is very hard to access anything in that area. It's that or my hand doubled in size over the last year. In the end, I still rather have my 09, even though it is more difficult to work on.
  10. Dapper

    Billy Who, but WHEN

    Changing tranny oil in my 09 is a total mess. Has BILLY WHO produced a man funnel for the 09 ? I can't find one. I have a WC glide plate and changing engine oil is a pain also. At least my shop floor will not rust.
  11. Dapper

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    Thanks again Mickeyo. Saturday was absolutely perfect.
  12. Dapper

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    Hey Mickeyo, Can I bring two buddies to Walnut on the 18th ?
  13. Dapper

    Coolent comin out overflow hose

  14. Dapper

    Intakes hitting after JE / Hot Cam installation

    I had the same problem two years ago. It's a timing issue. Sometime the timing marks are not set perfectly from the factory. Move the cam chain one tooth and you will be golden.