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  1. Thanks - Def having the susp softened up a bit - it was set for mx racing for my weight of 270lbs so it is really stiff - Riding in the woods on it as is -- really makes the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders sore.. will check out flatland..
  2. Hey Everybody, Was looking to take my 06 and turn it into a trails lugger - Mods advice would be much appreciated. Gearing? Suspension? Is this even a good idea? Should I try with another bike? Thanks -- Currently setup with a motocross race susp.. jimmy button bars .. coolant recovery system...and extra wide foot pegs...
  3. Could I get some info on the kit? a link? and the cost? Thank You...
  4. K5 Busa LE - Pulls like a freight train..on steroids
  5. Had a local dealership install the Baja Kit on on my E ...kit was on b/o for six weeks (lens shortage for blinkers ) - they installed it and inspected it...got my paperwork and one hour later had the lic. plate on the back of the bike...now for some Pirelli Scorpion tires!
  6. check out www.speedohealer.com - I use one on my R1 and it's very accurate - most all bikes have a good size margin of error..
  7. Could someone tell me what the best combo for gearing would be on my 05 DRZ-E? Putting Baja kit on the bike this week and have been reading about topping out at 55mph ...would appreciate any input... I weigh in at 265lbs w/o gear... thanks, chris
  8. Can someone advise me on a graphics kits/packages after changing all the plastic to black...where to order, etc... Thanks, -Chris
  9. Tech 10's -- need the ankle support..
  10. Great Info -- Thanks Everyone
  11. Tried riding my wife's DR200SE on the trails at Sam Houston National Forest Today..lots of sand especially in the corners - probably came off bike 7-9 times from front end washing out...the trail is tight (very narrow)...any techniques for this type of riding would be appreciated...
  12. I know that doesn't make it right...but these guys are pretty up tight and live to obey the rules..engineers (i think) -- They spend 4 hours riding and 8 hours cleaning their bikes...it would not make sense for them to break the law...at all..
  13. There a few guys that have bmw type dual sports that ride them reg... never asked them if they were supposed to or not...noticed some signs saying no motorized vehicles but they usually have the gate closed to those roads anyway...
  14. Where did you ride in the forest Fryar? On the trails or just the fire roads?
  15. Nope - - that is a nick name my wife gave me years ago...