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  1. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    hey warrior, it seemed fine first few times i was out on it. it has recently started to do it. Im gonna start stripping it soon. She'll be spares and repairs soon!!!! please hit me back thanks Alex
  2. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    is that something that i could maybe do myself following the manual? or is it too much of a task to try taking on? i have pleanty of time but is it too technical? thanks for your help. what is the cause of this? why has it done that>? it was fine a couple of weeks ago? thanks, Alex
  3. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    Hey brian, I have tried the firm gear change and it did work a couple of times, thanx. here is something that may give you an idea. When i have the bike in neuteral at stand still, clutch in, shift up to 2nd, the gear leaver stays in the upright position, and when i let the clutch out, it slips back into neuteral? It really bugs me. Ill try to tighten the chain a bit as it does seem a little slack. I really dont want to have to strip the tranny!!! Please let me know what you think Alex, still well confused
  4. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    hi, i shift streight to 3rd when i hear the noise so i couldnt tell you if it grabs. It doesnt feel like it will though. its really bugging me though! scared it is the teeth on the gear. but if i give it hard throttle in 3rd, it is more than happy to bring the front up so not sure if it is the clutch as i only slips in second. thanks for the reply Alex
  5. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    Hello, can anyone please give me some advice? thank you Alex
  6. Jelenpivo65

    Second gear Gurgle!!

    Hi everyone I have a problem with second gear on my DR 350. Selecting it from 1st is fine, but if i open the throttle hard in 2nd, it sounds like the gear gets stuck between 2nd and neuteral? the revs go high and sounds like a big crunching noise in the engine. its really annoying and i wondered if anyone has had similar experiences to maybe give me some advice? many thanks Alex