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    Broken Gears 05 TE510

    I'm pretty mechanical and I fully realize that the newer bikes today are more tweaked for competitive performance, but I would think tranny gears should last for years. I have 15/42 gearing because I don't like over reving and a lot of So Cal and baja is high speed. But nothing out of the ordinary. I ride with guys that have EXC's, CRF's, XR's and WR's. I always keep my chain adjusted properly, because my old 99 610 was very sensitive to chain tension. I really haven't heard too much about Husky's having weak tranny's so I'm thinking either all my gears were bad from the factory or the cases weren't machined properly so the gears weren't meshing exactly right... Or the interal gear lubrication isn't working properly. I do get on the pavement, but just to get to the next trail. When I'm on the pavement I'm easy on the clutch and throttle mainly to save my knobbies which inturn is easy on everything else. Someone made a comment that 4k+ miles was a lot for a TE, but I don't understand that???? I have over 80k miles on my 94 Elefant and over 20k miles on my 99 610 TE with no issues. When the day comes that an enduro type bike can't make it to 10k+ miles without and major overhaul somethings wrong. They are racing EXC's in the Dakar Ralley with zero tranny issues. I've been a Husky fanatic for years, but I can't accept poor reliability, and not to mention these tranny failures aren't cheap. I hope Cagive North America helps me out with this, but we'll see.
  2. cagiva

    Broken Gears 05 TE510

    Six months ago I drained my oil like I do every ride and found two gear teeth stuck to my magnetic drainplug. (Uugh) So split the cases and found one of the two gears in the 5th gear pair looked old, pitted and missing the two teeth. All the other gears looked perfect. (Which they should since it only had 2k miles on the bike.) I showed the gear to a number of local dealers around and they thought the same as I, just a bad gear....bad metal urgy...bad luck.. So I bought a new fiflth gear set (both gears) all new bearings and gaskets and put the bike back together. So I'm back and riding my trusty Husky again...6 months and 2500 miles later I in Baja this past weekend and there goes more gears.(Uugh) Hitched a ride in the back of a mexican fish truck back to the border and wife picked me up from there. GUYS--- I don't crunch my gears, I don't beat my bikes, I use quality oil and change every ride....I've been riding everything for 32 years and never had a tranny problem. I probably have 15-20k miles on my 99 TE610. - Should I really go after Husgvarna??? for support. - Should I fix it again and sell it??? - Should I ride an XR and make it home every trip??? Any advice.......:
  3. I'll be racing the 500 solo on my 05 510 TE. I could us pit support if that's available....