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  1. ktman

    Crankshaft bearings how many hours?

    I think that there is no reason to do rebuilding yet, because the bike is still running so great and fires up easily.. The hour meter could be fine thing to have..
  2. ktman

    Crankshaft bearings how many hours?

    Piston and valves are rebuilted 50 hours a go and still in spec. So i dont need to make complete rebuild.. I just wondering that how many hours can lower parts of engine take safely. and bike is 450
  3. ktman

    Crankshaft bearings how many hours?

    Im not planned to do rebuilding yet, but i want to know how many ours bearings can usually take before replace..
  4. How many ours you can take with crankshaft bearings before replace them in normal motocross / trailride use. I have 02 crf 450r and i have about 200 hours on it with stock bearings not any problems yet..
  5. ktman

    some riding on ice and snow

    rise against the machine - dancing for rain - voices off camera
  6. ktman

    some riding on ice and snow

    Yes, I have some photos of my tires. http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/481456/ http://www.bikepics.com/pictures/481457/ It`s impossible to ride in snow with summer tires..
  7. ktman

    MX Video - Websites

    finnish page, some mx videos from Finland.. http://www.marsalkka.com/ -> videot
  8. some winter riding on my crf450 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6720772683929585308&q=motocross
  9. My old cr250 -95 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=1/210473976.jpg&s=x11
  10. Now there is winter in Finland and weather is mostly between +0 and -15 so what kind of jetting i should have in my 02 crf450???
  11. Yes , now it works.. kill switch was not connecting right and thats why bike wont start when it get`s wet...
  12. It could be possible but with the new sparkplug it work wery well until it gets wet again..
  13. Does anyone know why allmost allways when bike gets wet sparkplug fouled when i next restart it, example after washing my bike.. i never let water go in pipe or aircleaner so what is wrong whith my bike...
  14. I wonder that what shim sizes are in new crf450 02.. I think that it is good to know that how much different shim sizes are compared to new bike...
  15. Someone told my friend that you can adjust titanium valves just one time and then you must buy new titanium valves.. is it true or jus bullshit???