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  1. I'll ride this. I'm free as the cross country season is over. I have zero timing equipment but can ride well enough to burn checks. Let's do this.
  2. California

    Hey Scott, I'm late to this party but i'd suggest he just get that crack welded up. I can shoot you a pm of a place i know does great work that I take all my stuff to. Probably do it for ten bucks.
  3. You guys can all come to Hollister with me for the Phantom Hare Scrambles.
  4. The deli inside the Holiday Market in Cool makes good sandwiches. They are really nice too. Been off this place for a long time. Nice to see Bigbob back in the area. What happened to my avatar?
  5. California

    That was a fun watch. Makes me want to get back out there and race again.
  6. Superslyko bought me and my old lady a damn good meal for my efforts. My wife didn't do a damn thing to get that KTM outta that ravine! Scotts a good guy and someday I'll call him to rescue me and I know he will be there.
  7. California

    That is a cool Harley. Be fun to go bar hopping on that with the Harley crowd to see how you are treated.
  8. California

    Great pics. I'm jealous. When i get out of my cast will have to hook up with you and see your area.
  9. California

    Ditto for me!
  10. That is a good question. What do you bring? Firewood? Steak? Beer?
  11. I'll be there Sat. AM. White GMC crew cab towing a Pioneer Travel trailer. My bike is number 213X. Cheers, Geoff
  12. OD that sucks. I hope you heal up quick and can get back on two wheels. Cheers,
  13. I'm going to do my damndest to make this event. I've never been and would like to see all there is to see with you guys. Cheers,
  14. California

    Hey Superslyko, If you are around Auburn Monday-Saturday, stop in and say hi to Dwayne at Sierra Gun Supply. He is good people. He will spend whatever time is necessary to answer all your questions and won't try and sell you anything. If you do decide to buy he will treat you right. Pawn shops are a great way to find shotguns. I bought a beutiful fully engraved Spanish 10 gauge SXS for $240. Cheers,
  15. California

    Well thanks WornSprocket for not leaving me. Nice to meet you as well.