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  1. Chris Hyde

    2005 YZ 450F Forks and shock

    You'll need the clamps as well since the 04+ 450F forks are 48mm.
  2. Chris Hyde

    Excel Rims Trade?

    I will give you my stock silver OEM 2004 YZ450F rims. They look brand new.
  3. Chris Hyde

    Frame paint available?

    I have always used PJ1 to touch up boot scuffs and whatnot and its perfect. You can get it from your dealer for about $6.95/can.
  4. Chris Hyde

    Clarke 2.8

    LOL! They are already discolored looking out of the box. Utterly disgusting looking honestly. Functional? Yes.
  5. Chris Hyde

    fair price / 426

    Thats like a post that says... "What should I price my Toyota at?" Very vague.
  6. There may be several reasons. 1. The deal they got. 2. What color they like. 3. What was available at the time. 4. Local Honda dealer. It's hard to tell why the CRF's outnumber the YZ's at your track. At my track, I havent seen a CRF450 for a looooooong time. At any rate, you have had plenty of feedback from the sources that count, THE YAMAHA YZ450F OWNERS! What more do you want? You have gotten the most honest, owner evaluated feedback you can get.
  7. Chris Hyde

    Looking at buying 450yzf

    Hey there NC man. I'm not sure I totally agree there, but will talk to my yamaha tech buddy.
  8. Ummm. They are...........ummmmm.............the cost of fuel?
  9. I dont think there are any known "concerns" with the 03-05 YZf's other than general used bike concerns. Just make sure the valves are properly adjusted and shimmed if needed. Use general caution when buying any used bike. Check it over real well.
  10. Chris Hyde

    DR.D +8oz

    ...gets a big thumbs up on my new YF450F. Its amazing how it smoothed out the idle and low end to be more tameable.
  11. Chris Hyde

    YZ450F Flywheel wieght choices...

    Well, just ordered the +8 Dr.D. I think it should smooth out my power alot from what I am reading. I also bought a 13 tooth Renthal front sprocket to boot. I should be all set for a bit.
  12. YZ450F Flywheel wieght choices... How do I determine what size flywheel weight will best suit me and my 2004 YZ450F? What are the pros and cons of different ounces. I am 260lb and mainly ride trails, but will see some light track use. Thanks.
  13. Hello all. Chris Hyde here. Been lurking for some time. After long thought and coersion from peers, I really wanted to convert from my KX250 2 stroke to a YZ450F. I found a guy who wants to sell an '04 YZ450F in BRAND NEW condition for $3200 because they are expecting, so I am buying it. Can anyone give me advice from the switch? What to expect? I ride mainly trails and some very light track. I am 6'2" 275lbs. I dont get alot of air, but I love torque. Are these reliable bikes?