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    desert help

    thanks for the response. those were definetly some things i forgot about. i will go pick that stuff up soon. the hand guards are a definetly good idea. ever pull cactus out of your hand. ya it sucks. as far as lighting i am not sure what i want. obviously the more light the better. i was thinking about fabricating up a mount for the front of my bike to run one big off-road light (or maybe 2) but i am not sure how i would go about getting enough power for them to run, or how bulky that is going to be on the front of an mx'er. so then i thought about getting a helmet light but i am not sure if i can handle the whole battery pack thing. so i am not sure which direction to go for the money. also i would like to make it so it can be removed for when i go to the mx track fairly easily.
  2. 5150Creations

    desert help

    i have a 02 kx250 that i am trying to make better for the desert. possibly a few races. i bought a new huge gas tank, re-geared it way up, working on getting the suspension set. i am looking into getting a steering dampener. is there anything else i should get that is a must have. also i am looking into getting a lighting system. i was thinking about just one of those battery operated hlemet lights. is that going to be enough and if not what do i need to do to get some lights on my bike.
  3. 5150Creations

    Front End To High

    i have a 02 kx 250 and no matter what i try to jump my front end always goes way to high in the air. i have crash a few times because of it. i cant get it down. i keep trying to lean farther foward and it still doesnt help. i am thiking maybe my suspension isnt set right or my bars arent right. what do i do.