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  1. anyone own some land, or friends with someone who owns some land interested in letting a couple of mellow guys come and play? Live in Los Osos, which is central coast area... Theres a track off of highway 58 on the way to pozo that looks like fun, but havnt ever seen anyone there to talk to about it...
  2. i have one.. but put it on before i got a chance to really ride the bike. so as far as power difference i couldnt tell you.. looks and sounds good. nice to have a spark arrestor, and quiet insert when needed also.
  3. well lets just say Mason - 0 Baja - 1 thats what dust, excessive speed and a well placed boulder in the middle of the trail will do to you.. but reglardless i had a killer time and it seems like ive been telling stories non stop since i got home... cant wait to go back.
  4. yes, ive been busted too many times to not buy one...
  5. well.. i only had it up and down the street a couple times before i switched it.. so i never really got used to the stock pipe to compare. Honestly, probably not a huge gain.. but its nice to have the spark arrestor and the quiet insert if i need it.
  6. still have a ways to go...
  7. sweeeeet
  8. I do have good insurance... and waiting to hear back from mtrsprtsdan about a ride from bakersfield, that would be sweet.
  9. Perfect! let me know!
  10. ya, i got it from my dealer.. the part number is: ENG-HOURS-00-00
  11. coming from san luis obispo area.. so thats about 6 hours from me... but that would be better than doing the whole trek back and forth by myself.
  12. yamaha's hourmeter.. it was like 30 bucks.
  13. I still want to go, but havnt figured out the driving situation yet. if anyone has room for another bike, ill pay more than my share of gas.. or if someone else is solo and wants to go, we could carpool. From where i live its a lotta driving for one person.
  14. was having problems, but wrapping it around the cap itself seemed to work. instructions say to find a wire, but whatever works i guess.
  15. Well, i cant get anyone to go... anyone have room for another bike and want to carpool? ill pay more than my share in gas! i wanna go.. wah.