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  1. I've just completed swapping in a pair CR250 forks into my 96 XR250. Now the problem is, the rear is kinda short Any kind soul can advise me on whether those CR125/250 shock would fit in? Or perhaps those CR500 KYB shock?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Put those two huge halogen headlights, the trick speedometer, and the bigger fuel tank to the XR250R and finally sweeten it with the magic button... you got the super XR250 Baja!! Those japs alway keep the best, exclusive to themselves. Thus, it's rather exotic elsewhere.
  3. E-start is a luxury
  4. hmm... it's still being offered in Asia, and, it has USD forks stock http://www.honda.co.jp/motor-lineup/xr250/
  5. ic... cuz my rear shock is condemmed heh
  6. Any chance of swapping a XR400R rear shock into a XR250R? anyone done that before? are the bolt hole size da same? Cheers!
  7. thanks for all the replies!
  8. Hi guys, I've a Keihin FCR39 and a XR400 stock carb lying around. Wondering they will do anything good to my XR250RV? Cheers!