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  1. i dont understand how people over heat so easy. Either your stuck in first gear or you fogot to put radiator fluid in ur bike. My friend had an 04 and no boyeson impeller, or two2cool. all he had was the cap and engine ice. He rode his bike hard and for a long time before he took a break, AND we live in houston texas so dont use the "its 100 degree's downhere" excuse. If your bike is overheating that easy with those mods YOU are doing something wrong.
  2. make sure your not landing with your foot on the back brake
  3. our insurance will cover practice riding. in a racing situation(which they will find out dont lie about it) they will not cover. my parents got an insurance that costs a practical fee a year that will cover your racing injuries. its a motocross based insurance company i jsut forget the name
  4. thanks guys, a dealer also told me that it was mineral deposits and its normal. i flushed the radiators at least 15 times with water and then 2 times iwht engine ice started it and then flushed it again and put in engine ice so i donmt think i could do much more about it.
  5. i was putting engine ice into my 05 kx250f and when i was flushing it out i noticed some of this greenish substance in the radiators. i attached some pictures to give you an idea. is this normal, someone told me it was a leak protectant but any info is apprieciated. thanks! http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=8/21523592294.jpg&s=x1 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=8/21523594485.jpg&s=x1
  6. yes my black excels were starting to peel off. if it bothers you that much get a small excel decal made at a decal shop and stick it on there. good as new
  7. Socal gear. comfortable, looks professional, and you cant complain about there price.