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  1. Too awesome..I love the way that one guy catches like 2 feet of air and looks behind him. Is he taunting?...or merely passing the torch to his buddy cletus?...very Mcgrath/Carmichael-esque....too cool. Ok..done being sarcastic. I like quads..hate quad bashers...but that part was pretty damn cheesy..
  2. You're pathetic. Go to school moron. Anyone who even attempts to understand you and give their advice is twice as stupid as you are.
  3. Are you guys serious? JS is considerably smaller than DV, but that's a non issue because the photo is obviously an illusion. Come on. This trick has been done on home videos at least a million times.
  4. Digital Calipers from Sears? You are kidding right? My opinion would be buy one of the big 3 (in no particular order) 1.Starrett 2.Mitutoyo 3. Brown & Sharpe
  5. Yeah especially that Windham guy..he doesn't deserve crap.
  6. Ok...I will...take a ticket....
  7. Personally I would just look for an apartment with an onsite storage facility.
  8. Yeah right, like they are going to speak up, every time they do they get bashed by the self-righteous little girls that think they are better than everyone because they choose not to ride a quad.
  9. Well, I think everyone should consider the fact that something could have transpired before the video started rolling, and THAT could have been the fact they didn't stop and the guys says "they'll beat our asses". Maybe a gesture was made to the bikers moments earlier. I mean, I haven't a clue but it IS a possibility.
  10. Come on now, Reed step up, I agree, but Millsapps has been incredible. That kid is gonna be great.
  11. That video has been shown here a million times and everyones concensus, as well as from people who had a hand in making the video, all agreed it's a simply cannot be done. I mean come on, Kevin Windham would have to be some kind of God to ride on water.... ...... ... .. . ...and in case you are wondering....I am lying.
  12. Well I have seen alot of widowmaker videos and I can tell you this one definately doesn't do it justice. The ones I saw before looked a helleva lot steeper. Probably the angle of the camera.
  13. Did you see a question mark? Why would I ask the guys on the Honda forum when I knew I would get honest knowledgeable answers such as the ones the 2 gentlemen after you gave? Or are you just looking to pick a fight? Grow up son....
  14. ......and if you are going to reply with "do a search", than go ahead and @#$* off right now. So anyway, does the Honda CRF need to have the same, or similar mods done to make it the bike it was designed to be performance wise? If I heard correctly Yamaha governed the bike to pass sound/emission standards or something along those lines. So why are the Hondas able to pass these standards? (assuming no mods are necessary).
  15. Yamaha

    Let me rephrase that...anyone older than 13 have any ideas?