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  1. DoDco

    New Mexicans, raise your hand!

    oh and do you know what jets i should put in? going from 3000ft to 9000. on a crf250x. i have a JD jet kit in there and i have no idea on what jetts are in there. i lost the kit. so i have no idea. and the dealer put it in. long story on how the dealer put it in. If where you ride is warm and 3000ft and it is cold at 9000ft you may not need to change much. Maybe one on the main and up 2 clip rings on the needle. Then again this is my KTM 250 and all bikes are different
  2. DoDco

    New Mexicans, raise your hand!

    Santa Fe
  3. DoDco

    Off-road riding areas around Santa Fe NM?

    Have you tried Buckman? Take the La Tierra road to the north as you head to Las Campanas. then Buckman road to the right. Park under the powerlines and follow all of the trails. Have fun
  4. DoDco

    Northcentral New Mexico riding

    And it is snowing there right now
  5. DoDco

    Riding in New Mexico

    OOPs, Did not check my email until now. I do not check ThumperTalk very often and it did not let me know that you posted. Hope you had a great time. Maybe next time.
  6. DoDco

    Riding in New Mexico

    Weather sound right??? This is the southern Rockys. Just like Colorado we just laugh at the weather forecast and wait to see what happens. I have never ridden Alcalde. Just driven by going up to Taos. It looks like fun and it is a large legal (BLM) area. Park your truck in far enough not to be seen from the street as there are people in the area that might want to take a look as to what you have in the back. WeBe Racing is going to put on a hare scramble this summer up there that could be a national. Buckman is where I typically ride. You need a local as a guide to find some of the really good single track but most of the time you can find enough to keep you busy. It also is a BLM riding area but you need to close the gates behind you to keep the ranchers happy. Drive out Buckman road and park in the flat areas under the power lines. You can ride to the Rio Grande or up into the hills on single track from there. Keep in touch and maybe I can meet you out there Friday morning. Doubt it but maybe.
  7. DoDco

    Riding in New Mexico

    I drove by there last Wednesday and it looked ridable. Snow on the north side of everything but only a couple of inches at the most. It is suppose to snow Friday and Saturday of this week so you had better hurry. You might also try Buckman here in Santa Fe. It is about 1K higher in altitude but should have less snow being futher south. I should be skiing or else I would go too. Good luck
  8. DoDco

    Ocotilli Wells

    Did my first desert race there back in 1968. Used to go there at least 10 times a winter. Great place with a varity of terrain. Now it is a bit of a drive from Santa Fe.. Oh yea. I think it is Ocotillo. Have fun,
  9. DoDco

    Well it finally happened...

    Well just to let you know that you will recover. I lost track of my broken collarbones at 10. 5 each side. (I raced 3 wheelers back in the 70s then I got smart and took up motocross) I am now in my 50s and yes they are sore sometimes but it still is great to go ridding every weekend I can. As long as it is not too sore you can typically ride (gently) again in 4 weeks and race in 6. Good luck
  10. DoDco

    Kick starting sxf 250

    Get a JD jetting kit. Kick slow and steady. If you kick it quick like a 2 stroke it disengages the auto compression release. Turn down the spray on the accelerator pump (less gas) because the last thing you do before it completely dies is give it gas and the carb is set up with too large of a spray so you flood it. If it does not start in 2 kicks with the hot start pulled try holding the throttle open an 8th of an inch. This works for me at 7000' elevation. Good luck
  11. DoDco

    Trail Riding Around Taos

    You can ride in the National Forest between Angel Fire and Valle Escondido
  12. I am looking for a decent kickstand for my 250sxf. Is there one that I can use off of another bike. Ex:450exc. Can someone recomend an aftermarket? Thanks,
  13. DoDco

    NEUVO MEJICO R+S Powersports

    Sid at Santa Fe Motorsports sold me my 2005 KTM 250sxf at about $300 under list and we all know what a premium other shops were asking for that bike if they could even get one.
  14. DoDco

    I Can't Find An Sxf!!!!!

    How much did he want for the 06? If the price is right I might sell.
  15. DoDco

    Espanola Race on July 4th weekend???!!!

    Where do I sign up? Is the race up on the BLM land in Alcalde?