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  1. yeti

    looking at a 1999 cr250, how are they?

    A '97 CR250 POS as you call it will run circles around your heavy assed CRF.
  2. yeti

    Street Bikes

    You should drive a car for about 5 years and get some road experience before street riding. You need to be able to anticipate what other drivers around you will do. At 16 you simply lack road experience.
  3. I have one. The green sticker makes it a keeper for me. '97 Honda CR250
  4. Its a politically correct way of keeping the 2-stokes at a disadvantage for the next 3 to 5 years. The AMA will keep the fair class concept "under consideration" while the factories continue to stop development and production of 2-strokes. Then when the 2-strokes are near extinction the AMA can continue to sit on their hands and do nothing, since few people will have or want such outdated bikes. This AMA ruling seems to be more in line with the EPA and keeping factories happy than looking out for the interests of motorcyclists.
  5. The 2 stroke makes more HP cc for cc and is cheaper/easier to maintain over the course of a season. Bottom line is its 90% rider, 10% bike. I think we've seen more alot more DNF's in races due to blown motors with the 4 strokes.