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  1. deanlikesstella

    Show your PIG

    how do you get your pic's in here for now please look in my garage thanks
  2. deanlikesstella

    What's the best fork brace? SRC or superbrace

    well i never, my src ok looks good aswell
  3. deanlikesstella

    Any Tips About Adjusting a Edelbrock - XR650R

    get a clarke tank you can get your hand up the side to adjust it
  4. deanlikesstella

    Won't Start?

    mmmm 600 650 r or l
  5. deanlikesstella

    looking for black plastic for my 06 XR650L

    xr's only do them for the xr650r they might do them for the L give them a try
  6. deanlikesstella

    this could be it

    NO try again still nothing there
  7. deanlikesstella

    can you see this xr

    i thought mine was the only stealth xr out there.
  8. deanlikesstella

    braking rotor

    I got mine from tallon in the uk
  9. deanlikesstella

    braking rotor

    i have the braking wavey's on mine there great look the part too:thumbsup:
  10. deanlikesstella

    Clarke Tank

    I have a clark tank on my xr650r and it fits ok
  11. deanlikesstella


    try www.dirtbikestore.co.uk john makes the graphics there he will do a one off design if you want tell him that dean with the black xr told you about them he will be able to help:thumbsup:
  12. deanlikesstella

    Hows the UFO black plastic?

    took ages to find it's stiffyracingproducts the user id is stiffyvicki thay make them to order and they make other stuff aswell:applause:
  13. deanlikesstella

    Hows the UFO black plastic?

    thanks you like it thay came from XRsonly the rear fender came from macmoto the front came from ebay the tank is clark i will take some more pic's soon of the new discs sorry forgot the rad scoops are made by stiffyracing on ebay
  14. deanlikesstella

    XRsOnly sale (650R)

    dont know about the pegs but the plastic's are very nice got them on my xr have a look thay came from XRsonly
  15. deanlikesstella

    Hows the UFO black plastic?

    have a look in my garage i have used black ufo plastic's on mine wot do you think