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  1. doughboy12

    Wheels and header / pipe...

    Almost positive it is titanium...not corosion...baked on dirt...scrub the crap off. I just put a new one on...you can have my old bent up one if you want. (Mine glows if the choke is on too long.) CRA #195 (same time frame)
  2. doughboy12

    Idle problems (won't run correctly, need help)

    You all are taking the wrong aproach to the sub-frame. (imho) Take the bolts out of the bottom NOT the top. Just loosen the top bolts, rotate the sub-frame up and retighten, it will hold itself in place. Straigh out of the owners manual, less the removal of the exhaust. just did it over the weekend, if you notice the top bolts are not threaded all the way to the head so as to not damage them when you take this approach as will happen with the lower pair.
  3. Sounds like you may have had/have a dirty carb. I pulled mine out of storage last weekend to find that it wouldn't run. First I got the battery charged. Started her up and pop pop fiz fiz, not running well at all. So I cleaned the air filter, cause its easy. No help, so I pulled the carb out and found the "bowl" full of what used to be gas. Plugged jets cleaned up and re-installed. Runs like a champ again. Yessss, I drained it when I put it away, I think. LOL
  4. I better keep going then...lol
  5. How many of these things does it take to make it out of the Newbie status?
  6. Maybe i should just post away to advance my standing?
  7. Funny that I am clasified as a "newbie" yet have been a member for A LOT longer than almost ALL of the others in this section. Just because I don't spend all (sarcasticly stated) day making posts dosent mean i don't stop in and read once in a while. Could "we" (the powers that be) take the visits or time since joining as the level of membership? What do you think "IvanCRF" as I see we joined around the same time and you are only a silver? Just a side rant. Sorry and have a nice day.
  8. I got sucked into getting one of the sst filters by a guy at the shop/dealership who swore by them. I have had an oil leak at the cover ever since. I have tried the stock cover and the one that came with the "filter" (I call it a screen not a filter.) I have changed the o-ring (many times with both covers) and have been very carefull with the torque specs. the only thing I have not done but plan to when I drag the bike out of storage is a new paper filter. Anyone else have this problem? The only thing I can conclude is too much back presure. What do you all think?
  9. doughboy12

    Who's using rekluse rear break lever?

    he said down....
  10. doughboy12

    New 450X Owner blah, blah, blah

    don't get a new needle... Just move the clip down two notches on the one you have... whiteman's starting instructions are spot on...
  11. doughboy12

    from orange to red? to X or not to X?

    to answer 1 and 3... 1. turn the idle screw after doing number 3... 3. move the clip on the needle down two rings and see how it goes...
  12. doughboy12

    Just Bought a new 05 CRF450X

    some poeple do have too much money/time...
  13. doughboy12

    Will I get sludge?

    Why would you? that is what the book says to use... Why are you changing it so often?
  14. doughboy12

    Scared of new Fours?

    Yes, it does. It is behind the left numberplate, opened with the turn of a quarter turn fastener by hand with the help of a "D"-ring on the fastener...
  15. doughboy12

    New 450X popping & Flame outs?

    Here's the deal, you are all a bit off... You are correcting the problem from the wrong end. The first thing you do when you buy any off road Honda 4 stroke is move the clip on the needle down two notches. This will take care of a number of issues that they have out the door. It helps with the rough idle, it helps with the hard starting, and to the subject of the thread, it helps with the popping. Only after you have done this and tested it out should you move on to the fine adjustment of screwing with the air screw. I hope this clears up your problems. I have had and also have a few freinds who have owened a few of these in the past, and all of them have needed this done to them.