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  1. yamarida225


    anyone know how a 07 ttr230 would be as a dual sport bike
  2. yamarida225

    duelsport yzf

    hey i have an rm125 and id like to get a bigger bike or a dual sport bike and some guy wants to trade a 02 yzf250 for my bike. now ive had 250f before and there ok (when they work) but how would it be if i tryed to make a 2002 yzf250 into a dual sport bike?
  3. yamarida225

    2002 rm 125's???

    i love my 02 i can go any where do any thing and i have never have a problem just keep up on matince and its a very easy and comfotable bike to ride . mine also is ported and has a 144cc in it and its great on and off the track almost has the pull off a 4 st but still peppy like a 2 st
  4. yamarida225

    04 kx 250

    i have a 125 now and ive dissasembled the whole bike and top end cleaned and checked everything and put its back together and it runs fine so its not if i could do it its i dont has the tools to do it and id like a 250 and the guy says it to powerful for him and wants to trade me for my mint and perfect running 125 he said he would give me the 250 and 400$ so i could have the 250 fixed. he says it runs fine in 1st and 2nd but no higher then that. so i dont know if i should trade him and fix the 250 or just keep my bike. if you look in my garage you can see my 125 and ill try to post a pic of the 250 in there. any advice?
  5. yamarida225

    04 kx 250

    ya never done bottom end work would it take a long time and be alot of $ if i brought somewhere
  6. yamarida225

    04 kx 250

    also how hard would it be to replace it
  7. yamarida225

    04 kx 250

    hows the 04 kx 250's also im looking at one and the guy says it only goes in 1st and 2nd and it needs a shifter fork to fix it is this true
  8. yamarida225

    96 300

    how is the 96 300 exc
  9. yamarida225

    off road cr

    its a 2 stroke not a 4 stroke i think the cre might be it
  10. yamarida225

    off road cr

    whats the name of the off road vershen of the cr i thinks its like crm or cre its likr the rm and rmx or the old wr and yz i saw it once and cant find it now
  11. yamarida225

    97 cr250

    how are they
  12. yamarida225

    Who's to blame???

    i herd my people say that you could put olive oil in the gas and it will run but run relly bad so it could be the bike and not putting the wrong oil in the gas its mosty about the luberacation done by the type of oil some are just better then others and will make the engine run better like "engine oil" or premix
  13. yamarida225

    EXC 2 or 4 Stroke D/S

    the 4 stroke would be more a dual sport but if your able to find more on the 2 stroke getting it street legal let me know ive been woundering the same thing
  14. yamarida225

    RMZ 250 lighting

    i herd somewhere that rmz's have a coil in it already and you just need to tie in to the yellow wire behind the number plate i think dont hold me to it
  15. yamarida225


    ya ive been looking at the ktms and i want something good on the road and still able to get it done in the tight woods