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  1. Robby542

    Where to camp/ride when it's WINDY in socal?

    Wayne... Sometimes you can get a combo of all 3 of those in a matter of a day or 2 in the high dez...
  2. Robby542

    2009 CRF450r Manual

    I just bought an 09 today and need one also. Is there anywhere online I could go to download one? Perferably for FREE!!!!!!!!
  3. Robby542

    cal city

    You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work...
  4. Robby542

    Randsburg Permit

    I like free Thnx for the info boss
  5. Robby542

    Randsburg Permit

    Anyone know how much the BLM passes are? Also, do you have to place the permit in and area that is visable or anywhere you want as long and you can show the BLM?
  6. Robby542

    Yamaha 03 Raptor 660

    I started my wifes 660 yesterday and after I warmed it up, I slid the choke off and the bike quit running. I thought maybe it was still cold but it wasnt. The bike SOUNDS like it runs good only when the choke is on. My thinking is, since the gas has been in it all summer long that the carb is gummed up. Do you guys think the same?
  7. Robby542

    New radiators for a 05 RMZ-450

    Anyone know where online I can get OEM radiators for a 05 RMZ-450 for a decent price?
  8. Robby542

    Cal City...More to come...

    I have no problem spending my money in Cal City.. It is truly worth it and I fully support it... You guys do a GREAT job. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Robby542

    39 year-old wants to race MX...ONCE!

    Do a beginner class.... Your local tracks can help ya which class to sign up for. Good luck. Keep us updated on how you did, and whether or not you liked it. You might just get hooked and next thing you know, your racing a entire series
  10. Robby542

    Jetting help for a 05 250F

    Ill do that. Ive been reading that a lot of guys have gone to a 185 main jet. Im thinking about changing the MJ to a 185 and the LJ to a 50 or 60... Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  11. Hello all... I have a 2005 Yamaha YZ250F. I live in the high desert of SoCal. It gets hot in the summer (mid 90's - 100+) and can get cold in the winter (50-70) with low humidity. Anyhow, ever since I bought my bike (new in 05) my bike has always bogged and hesitated coming out of corners or when you slam the throttle. I have had the top end redone but never had the jets changed. Its still stock (main jet-182, jet needle clip pos-middle or 4th position, pilot jet-42, leak jet-90). Other than getting a 450 (which will be in a year or so) what can I do to fix my problem? It also "pops" when you let off the gas. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I did by the JDJetting kit but all it had was (2) needles and main jets.
  12. Robby542


    Thanks Navy. Im from Palmdale, Ca ( hour and a half north of LA) and my wifes grandma owns a house in Havasu. I know it gets a bit "warm" there from time to time but I love to ride. Next time Im in town Ill send ya a msg and maybe we can hook up and go for a ride. I saw some good potential jumps
  13. Robby542


    Thank you... It helps
  14. Robby542


    Is there any place(s) in Lake Havasu you can ride? If so, are these places year round or only on certain times of the year? I've seen a lot of trails (or what looks like trails) on the opposite side of the road away from the lake. I know the WORCS series has their annual race there in March but was curious if they (City and Mojave County) allow riding.
  15. Robby542

    Cal City Rumor control....

    I pay the $40 and all I have is a truck, dirt bike and a quad. I pay it cause, they need the money, you ACTUALLY see where the money is being used and I fully support the entire staff, plus its not going to the state. Its going to people that REALLY care about the off-road community. They do a GREAT job for all of us "motoheads" and are very cool (lack of a better term) when stopping riders. They want the riders and families to have a GREAT time and want us to come back. In this state of our economy, the fee is a great investment.