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  1. WideOpen103j

    ahhhh, a nice clean bike

    yeah it is yellow, my 03 yz250f did that too...somehow the fuel discolors it.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xXuo0yBgoE does anyone know the song in that vid????
  3. WideOpen103j

    YZF's Only...

    03 250f
  4. WideOpen103j

    anyone got a extra leak jet for a kehin fcr carb?

    i saw them on denniss kirk
  5. what is the effect of using heavy duty tubes.does it effect how the you jump? the extra weight? they are 2 lbs. heavier than standard
  6. I am looking for feedback on what the effect of moving the rear wheel forward or back... Does it effect the handling or anything of the bike
  7. WideOpen103j

    2003 Yz250f

    I have a 2003 yz250f and it is a little bit nose heavy...How can i solve that problem?