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    Ice Racers,Winter is bearing down!

    couple of q's I've never ridden or been to the 3hr. but I'm going to this year. What are guys running for suspension? I'm a flattracker and so are my teammates, can we get away with DTX suspension or should we run stock or only lowered some? Does anyone make Ice Fenders or are we left to our own devious creations? What about motor configs for this event is stock and smooth the norm or plenty of power and let er eat? As a flattracker we generally prescribe to the no such thing as too much power for a single.
  2. putting my crf back together with a JE 13.5 piston, Kibblewhite 1mm. over intakes , RHC 187 cam and Yosh. rs-3 pipe, carb is bored to 42mm head is ported for the valves and matched to the carb. Burned I know your CRF makes great power and nice curve any ideas where to start on jetting? I'm in central illinois arond 500 ft. I believe. It's in the 90's most of the time and we haven't seen moisture in months. I run a straight intake tube to a K&N filter but I don't think it's the best setup for air flow. My bikes an '02 stock airbox out of the question.How's the '05 boot flow? will it work on my '02 box?