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  1. mxunderworld

    Awsome Quad movie

    Awesome if it wasnt for the cost of a quad and how much it costs to race them id probley still be riding one.. Some of my friends think there like riding on a couch i still got more armpump on my quad then i do on my bike.. anyway good vid
  2. mxunderworld

    Energy Drinks?

    except bubba is sponsored by red bull
  3. mxunderworld

    Diamondbackmx, 3.19.06

    Sorry to anyone who hasnt seen the video, becuase my band with has exceeded. If anyone really wants to see it, PM me
  4. mxunderworld

    Diamondbackmx, 3.19.06

    Thrice-Image of the Invisible
  5. mxunderworld

    Will a 05 Jug fit my 02

    O so if i buy this system on ebay i shouldnt have a problem?
  6. mxunderworld

    Will a 05 Jug fit my 02

    yah my 02 one is gone! theres one on ebay i want can anyone give me anthor opinion before tomarrow ! they have different part numbers which worries me
  7. mxunderworld

    Re Plate or Re sleeve

    thanks guys i bought a sleeve becuase im getting it done for free. Im still looking to buy a spare jug just incase so ill see how that goes ill keep you all updated
  8. mxunderworld

    Will a 05 Jug fit my 02

    Sorry about all the ?'s guys you are all a great help. Im looking at at a 05 or 06 jug off of a yz250 for my 2002 yz250 and i was wondering if any of you knew if it would fit right
  9. mxunderworld

    Re Plate or Re sleeve

    It cold siezed cuz i had a air leak so it Went Wide open but thanks im sending it out to get re plaited
  10. mxunderworld

    Re Plate or Re sleeve

    Hi i recently cold siezed my motor and i was wondering if you guys thought i should get it replaited 240 with shipping or if re sleeving 120 shipped would be better. Im only 17 so money is a big thing you guys think ill lose alot of power with a re sleeve?