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  1. Fly5150

    250 seat foam

    alright, thanks for the reply..
  2. Fly5150

    250 seat foam

    Does anybody know if a ttr 225 seat will work on a ttr 250? Or, does anyone know where I can get a replacement seat foam for a ttr 250. Any help would be great...
  3. Fly5150

    Will an R seat fit the X? or can I make it fit?

    not the cover, the seat frame ears...
  4. Fly5150

    Tallest Bars

    I bought some 7/8 Renthal KX highbend bars for my 450. I'm 6'4" and with those, and the lower fastway pegs, its a great setup for me
  5. So what if I were to buy a toy hauler, and I don't own a home..? Can I still write it off as a vacation home?
  6. Fly5150

    1/2 vs. 1/4 ton truck

    Ya, your right, my Tacoma will only tow 6500lbs... Double Cab PreRunner/4x4 Short Bed Double Cab PreRunner/4x4 Long Bed Weights and Payload/Towing Capacities Curb weight, manual transmission models (lb.) NA/4055 NA/NA Curb weight, automatic transmission models (lb.) 3845/4080 3900/4135 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) (lb.) 5350/5450 5350/5450 Payload [3], manual transmission models (lb.) NA/1395 NA/NA Payload [3], automatic transmission models (lb.) 1505/1370 1450/1315 Tongue load (lb., standard/maximum) 350/650 [4] 350/650 [4] Standard towing capacity (lb.) [5] 3500 3500 Maximum towing capacity (lb.) [4], [5] 6500 6500 Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) (lb.) -- 4 cyl. NA NA -- V6 (with Towing Package) 8100 8100 (11,100) (11,100)
  7. Dude, look at your emblems, Tacoma
  8. Fly5150

    2007 X question

    ...new schroud graphics
  9. Fly5150

    06 yamaha TT-R125L

    Your telling me that the 100 will go faster then my 450 which tops out at 80?
  10. Fly5150

    Throttle Lock ????

    Look, the guys asking a question about locating a throttle lock. Insted of trying to talk him out of it, why don't you guys just tell him where he can get it...
  11. Fly5150

    06 yamaha TT-R125L

    With my reply the same as your other post 5 minutes ago, drop a 450 in it
  12. Fly5150

    how to burn out on a dirt-bike?

    Drop a 450 in it
  13. Fly5150

    Problems with RBR Racing

    I see they're on centraila, I think thats a house address
  14. Fly5150

    450X pipes

    I have a stock R pipe on, its loud but makes a difference.
  15. Fly5150

    Problems with RBR Racing

    Where in Lakewood..? I'm in Long Beach-Palo Verde/Carson.