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  1. alright, thanks for the reply..
  2. Does anybody know if a ttr 225 seat will work on a ttr 250? Or, does anyone know where I can get a replacement seat foam for a ttr 250. Any help would be great...
  3. not the cover, the seat frame ears...
  4. I bought some 7/8 Renthal KX highbend bars for my 450. I'm 6'4" and with those, and the lower fastway pegs, its a great setup for me
  5. So what if I were to buy a toy hauler, and I don't own a home..? Can I still write it off as a vacation home?
  6. Ya, your right, my Tacoma will only tow 6500lbs... Double Cab PreRunner/4x4 Short Bed Double Cab PreRunner/4x4 Long Bed Weights and Payload/Towing Capacities Curb weight, manual transmission models (lb.) NA/4055 NA/NA Curb weight, automatic transmission models (lb.) 3845/4080 3900/4135 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) (lb.) 5350/5450 5350/5450 Payload [3], manual transmission models (lb.) NA/1395 NA/NA Payload [3], automatic transmission models (lb.) 1505/1370 1450/1315 Tongue load (lb., standard/maximum) 350/650 [4] 350/650 [4] Standard towing capacity (lb.) [5] 3500 3500 Maximum towing capacity (lb.) [4], [5] 6500 6500 Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) (lb.) -- 4 cyl. NA NA -- V6 (with Towing Package) 8100 8100 (11,100) (11,100)
  7. Dude, look at your emblems, Tacoma
  8. schroud graphics
  9. Your telling me that the 100 will go faster then my 450 which tops out at 80?
  10. Look, the guys asking a question about locating a throttle lock. Insted of trying to talk him out of it, why don't you guys just tell him where he can get it...
  11. With my reply the same as your other post 5 minutes ago, drop a 450 in it
  12. Drop a 450 in it
  13. I see they're on centraila, I think thats a house address
  14. I have a stock R pipe on, its loud but makes a difference.
  15. Where in Lakewood..? I'm in Long Beach-Palo Verde/Carson.