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  1. Is It For A Klx110 Or An Xr50 And If I Hafd A 10 Inch Back And A 14 In Front Would That Be Cool Or Would I Bust My Head
  2. Would U Put The 14 Inch On A Xr50 Or A Klx 110 And If U Had A 14 Front And A 10 Inch Back Would That Be Cool Or Would I Bust My Head
  3. For A Long Time Xr50s Have Been The Big Dogs But I Think Thats About To Change What Do U Guys Think, And Where Do U See The Mini Phenomena Is 3 Years, Be Honest
  4. Racermx84. U Said Your 50 Is Starting To Get To The Point, What Do U Mean Bye That, Is Is Starting To Go Down Hill
  5. like i think u guys are funny, but i do respect you guys, we all share the same passion for minis and thats whats its all about, now can someone please answer my question,
  6. OK just like the gentleman said OPINIONS ARE LIKE A$$ holes, every one has one i just happen to have a large one, but its not that serious, calm down,
  7. mr moto i think u r right
  8. that would be crazy
  9. u people are funny,
  10. Just Out Of Cureosity. If Anyone In Hear Could Make A Bike, A Mini, What Would U Guys Take Form Each Bike To Make The Meanest Bike Out, I Think This Will Be Crazy, There Are Many Experts Who Know There Shit In The Room, So What Would U Guys Take From Each Little Bike To Make One Sicke Bike. If U Feel Like It
  11. And I Really Hope Don Waffler Is Not The Person Kicking Me Off, If So I Will Be Probally Off Tonight
  12. Oxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxox
  13. And Calm Down Buddy, Its Ok Know One Is Starting Shit, Now I Know This Is Going To Be Hard To U To Take It, Are U Ready. What I Am Doing Is Called Stating My Opinion, And Hear In America We As A Nation Can Do This, U Dig, So On A Lighter Note Kiss Me A$$. But I Have To Be Very Carful About What I Say Because I Like The Forum And I Really Do Not Want To Get Kicked Off Agine
  14. Yessssssss Another Bike That It Going To Take 20 Years To Never Come Out,
  15. To Be Honest Know, But Thats Just It, Wheres The Reviews, Everyone Talks But Do A Search On Yahoo For Thumpstare Review And U Know What U Get Dump On A Thump, And Thats What I Am Talking About All These Companies Are Bulls..ting, They All Need To Step Up There Game Period I Mean Hay If U Feel Differently Its Cool