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  1. crfers

    no bueno.

    well im at least gonna try to pull the motor myself cant be hard right?
  2. crfers

    no bueno.

    really low on oil but i had just recently changed it? the sound was similar too the sound of a tire on the forks combined with the occasional clinking. i dont know enough to be opening the engine though. i just wanted to know where i was headed with this.
  3. crfers

    no bueno.

    05 crf 250r
  4. crfers

    no bueno.

    bad cinco de mayo. im camping and wake up start my bike, go about 2 miles and the engine seizes. kick start wont move at all. before this happened my front tire went flat and i thought the tire was rubbing on the forks from the sound but it was the engine. also i could hear a clinking sound some times. what has happened to my baby? how much is this gonna cost me and should i do a big bore kit now? i could use the extra power to smoke my buddies with 250r's but im not sure what kind of costs im gonna be facing. i dont know how to do any of this stuff myself either. sos.
  5. crfers

    250r headlight

    i already sent my stater out to get rewound and bought the acerbis diamond headlight. that weather proof swith is a no brainer but i didnt think of it ill ask what the switch is. so nobody has actually installed one though?
  6. crfers

    250r headlight

    im putting a headlight on my 250r and i was wondering if anyone else had done this. i know i could just get the x but i love mine and the light is less hastle than a new bike. if anyone did how did it work and what tips might you have?
  7. crfers

    tire change

    for lack of tools i used damn screw drivers:(
  8. crfers

    tire change

    oh im used to it i worked at les schwab for 2 yrs changing truck tires and some passenger. still pain in the but though. where did you get your tire irons? are they spoon bars?
  9. crfers

    I Stand Corrected: 2006 CRF250R

    fmf makes a titanium sys thats the same or lighter than stock weight closer to the engine for better center of gravity quieter at 98dbs and doesnt get really loud at high rpms. in addition it does add a little power(not much)
  10. crfers

    tire change

    forget that ill deal with the pain in the ass. sand was a blast but my heart remains in the wonderful dirt
  11. crfers

    tire change

    i used to work at a tire store so its not a problem for me but im currently looking into buying the whole rear assembley wheel caliper sprocket. i put paddles on this weekend to ride sand and what a pain in the ass. i want to have one dirt mounted up and one sand so all i need to do is pull the axle. anyone know the whole setup price?
  12. crfers

    I Stand Corrected: 2006 CRF250R

    one article i read said it would lower dbs and increase air flow ability thus faster more efficient. im a v8 lover and dual exhaust lover so i think its kick ass
  13. crfers

    anyone finance there bike through honda

    i bought my 05 250r on honda card 13.99% because it is used but i was approved for the low. so if its used it will be higher rates
  14. crfers


    beaverton..............tsf brownscanp junkie. i just rode sand lake this weekend for the first time had a blast! crf 250r.
  15. crfers

    Riding in the TSF

    so bottom line as of 8/9 we can ride if we have those things in the car. and only then. how much longer is this going to go on for? est