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  1. Does anyone know what the bolt size / thread is for a '04 DRZ125? Thanks in advance, John
  2. jkb0859

    What is this, a new fee to use state parks?

    Let me ask you this. I dont want to get down into mind numbing budget numbers etc. so lets keep this straightforward with some example. Say for every $100 dollars you pay in taxes, $75 dollars was spent in teachers salaries/pension/healthcare, prison guard salaries/pension/healthcare, maintenance workers pension/healthcare, welfare and $0.50 cents was spent on state parks (which the last time I went to one, they charged to get in). And by the way, I don't have any issue of paying taxes for keeping up state parks, for the record. I don't mind paying taxes. Here's my question to you. Do you think it's fair that the legislature takes away that $0.50 cents and gives it to the state workers pensions, welfare, etc. and now the legislature tells me that I have to pay an additional $0.50 cents for the parks? I only want to hear "yes" or "no", no qualifications. Bass (a self admitted activist and wealth redistributor) does not want to cut welfare one penny. The unions are telling the democrats they don't want ANY cuts. We already pay the most state sales / income / gas taxes in the country. CA legislature just passed the biggest tax increase in history of the US. People just voted down any more tax increases beyond what they are paying now. Where is the money coming from? Bass and Steinberg's plan is to tax (excuse me, fee) parks, bottled water, sporting events, jack up gas taxes, golf course usage, and on and on and on. It's not the issue of if I want to pay to use the parks. We have been for quite a while. Noone here or elsewhere seems to have a problem with paying for using the parks. The issue on the table at this time is fairness. My assertion is what is happening with these "fees" is not fair and must be stopped now, or else we'll be fee'd to bankruptcy.
  3. jkb0859

    What is this, a new fee to use state parks?

    After off and on occasional lurking on this forum (in between riding and whatever) I just couldn't take it anymore :lol: :lol: I'm sick and f'ing tired of this stupid false choice (false dichotomy) of either (a) pay a new fee or ( lose access. How about f'ing © cut the f'ing state union pension / wage / health benefits or welfare where 75 f'ing percent of the budget is, and leave the 0.5% of the state park budget alone. You seriously think that if we just agree to the $15, that would be the end of it?!??!?!?! I've got some news for you. After listening to Karen Bass, this IS JUST THE BEGINNING. They are planning to cover all state worker benefits and welfare BY TAXING THE EVER LIVING F**K out of every nook and cranny they can think of. If the CA taxpayer does not draw the line in the sand soon, noone will be able to afford to live in CA soon (if at all now!). BTW, got some more news for you. California residents ALREADY PAY THE HIGHEST TAX RATES IN ALMOST EVERY CATEGORY ALREADY. This f'ing liberal argument of we need to pay our fair share is pure 100% bullsh*t. WE ALREADY PAY MORE THAN OUR FAIR SHARE! Thanks for reading...
  4. jkb0859

    Thousand Oaks Honda gone?

    Don't know if anyone has bought a bike from that place (I bought my DRZ400 and kid's CRF70 from there a few years ago), but I drove past the place this morning, and it looks like they are either closing shop or moving. No bikes there at 11AM and some stuff in boxes, moving vans, place is empty. Does anyone know if they are moving, like TO Yamaha did? If they are closing, that would be a bummer...
  5. jkb0859

    Stupid question: DRZ400S vs WR250R?

    Thanks, this confirms what I was thinking about the DRZs handling (to me it does have a top heavy feel to it). I'm really starting to lean towards the WRR direction (no pun intended)!
  6. jkb0859

    Wr250R sprocket? and otherparts

    Don't have one now. I'm trying to figure out if I want to trade in my DRZ400S for a WR250R. The DRZ400S is great for most of my riding, but I'm "reaching my limit" when I get on steep and tight technical trails with my DRZ. I can do it, but it's quite a handful for me. I'm looking to trade some speed for handling / weight and keep my DS status... Some parts are pretty steep (Los Padres National Forest trails near Gorman) and some black diamond trails around that area. But it's not that I go out and look for hill climbs, I'm looking at situations where I have singletrack, steep, and switchbacks. Um, I'm kind of slow but faster than my kids (to date!)... So I'm not the weakest link (yet).If increasing the number of rear sprocket teeth would boost my (short term) hill climbs, then I my lean towards getting the WR250R then, which is why I'm on this thread... Thanks in advance for any advice! John
  7. jkb0859

    Wr250R sprocket? and otherparts

    To anyone who put more teeth in the rear sprocket: did adding more teeth in the rear result in any noticeable improvement in climbing steep hills? Thanks in advance John
  8. jkb0859

    Stupid question: DRZ400S vs WR250R?

    By the way, thanks to all for your input! Has anyone had any experience with adding more teeth to the rear sprocket in order to aid in uphill climbs? For myself, I care more about climbing than on-road speed.
  9. I'm looking for input on going from my DRZ-400S to a new WR-250R! I know I'm taking a hit on torque / horsepower, but I'm looking for a bike which is better on tight trails than my current bike. I'm 6'1" and 225 lbs. Overall, I like my DRZ400S! Had this bike for three years, and in most dirt situations, I have no problems with my bike, especially with my Donlop D606s. The one situation I don't like is when I get into tight trails and switchbacks, where my bike feels like I'm wrestling an 800lb gorilla!!! The 300lb+ weight gets to be a bit much in this situation also. By the time I'm through, I'm pretty drained after riding (getting old also!). I'm wondering if the less weight / handling of the WR250R on tight trails would be good enough to outweigh the less power of the DRZ400S. I'm looking at this specific bike because it's a dual sport, which I need occasionally in CA... Thanks! John
  10. jkb0859

    Weekday LPNF rides out of Gorman?

    By the way, which trail is in this picture? http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j244/Maxwell22/LPNF%206-5-07/?action=view&current=6-5-07010.jpg Is it the picture, or does that turn look like the first drop of a roller coaster?
  11. jkb0859

    Brown targets off-road vehicles

    Yeah, those azzholes (Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity, etc) probably are quite happy . You know, there's just so much wrong with this greenhouse gas crap that I could type volumes about it. I read a scientific paper recently that took apart every argument on why global warming (if it is really warming) is man-made. This whole argument about man made global warming is based less on science and more on a new (Gaia) religion. What California is now doing is going WAY WAY WAY beyond it's original mandate in making LOCAL pollution laws that affect LOCAL AREAS (NOX, Hydrocarbons, etc) and trying to establish "carbon emission" laws that have NO IMPACT on LOCAL pollution. Even if California reduced it's carbon emissions to ZERO and we all lived in mud huts, the impact of global warming WILL BE THE SAMMMMEEEEEE!!!! What about the 49 states, China, Russia, Europe, South America, Africa, and on? This legislation is such bull-shite that I cant even describe it. Between this and the elections, this is such an out-right power grab attempt that even a third world dictator coup is more subtle than this. :D If these f*****s get their way, then I pray to God those new electric based dirt bikes [see http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=483499] find some traction. Then what the f**k are those Sierra Club / CBD azzholes are going to say when dirt bikes are cleaner than their gay Prius? What legislation are they going to pull from their azz to ban those?? OK I'll take my meds now and wait to go riding (while I still can)...
  12. jkb0859

    It's Here, It's Here!!!

    Where in the LA area did you get that 08 TE450? Did you have to pre-order / are any on the showroom floor? Husky's web site says the nearest dealer is in Pasadena. I'm in the Ventura county area and don't have a dealer near me :-( That's the sweetest dirt bike I've ever seen, and with EFI to boot! I'd like to move up from my DRZ400...
  13. jkb0859

    How many of you trail ride a CRF 250R?

    I'm in the exact same boat (I'm about the same weight) and I was looking first at a 250X but now a 250R. In my case, I currently have a DRZ400S, and overall I'm pretty happy with it, it's been good to me. However, going into tight switchback hilly trails (like my kids like to do) makes riding my DRZ400S feel like sumo wrestling an 800 lb gorilla. On the other hand, it's low end torque pulled me out of a lot of uphill situations I would have stalled out on otherwise, so I wonder if a 250R would have enough in that department...
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies! This may not make any sense but another reason I was looking at the 250X is that my oldest son will probably outgrow his Suzuki DRZ125L eventually, so I was thinking of just giving the 250X to him once he outgrows the 125L. Of course, I would break it in for him I still like my DRZ400S and actually I'd like to keep it for going to work or doing "real" dual sport rides where a green sticker wouldn't be enough. I like it for the reasons mentioned before, and it gave me more riding time to get used it. The size seemed intimidating at first, but it was surprisingly easy to ride and it can pull my Homer sized butt up any hill. But I'm getting off-topic now... Thanks!
  15. First some background... After not riding 30 yrs+ bought a Suzuki DRZ400S to ride off-road (after changing the tire type) with my kids at to ride to/from work. Rode Gorman or SlashX areas so far with it and have been happy with it. Only one thing that has been nagging me about riding it off-road is going through tight trails (such as some in Gorman) as it feels like I'm wrestling an 800lb gorilla (even though I weigh in at 240lb!). Thanks for reading this so far, so I go to the dealer where I bought the Suzuki, and sat on a 250x and 450x (this is why I'm posting here!). Holy crap what a difference just sitting and handling the bikes! I was wondering how much low end torque and horsepower the 250x has compared to the Suzuki DRZ400S (or E)? Already know it's feels way way lighter! Or asking another way, coming from a DRZ400S and weighing in @ 240 lbs, would a 250x be OK or should I go for the 450x? I don't care about having megahorsepower to do 40 ft jumps or doing ultrahillclimbs, the DRZ is way more bike than I'll ever need now, just want less weight to keep up with my kids on the trails (smoke them on the fireroads though!). Thanks in advance John