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  1. There is a private KTM demo day tommorow at PALA. I am looking for a ride up there, just me and my gear bag. Riding is from 9 until 2 and I believe it is completely free with the invite I have. I am located in El Cajon / La Mesa Area about 45 minutes south of Pala. If anyone is going and could pick me up I would be so grateful. ALSO!!! My roommate who I was originally going with can't go because he has a big test at school. So I would have an extra ride paper that we could change the name on if anyone is interested in going that does not have the invite!! PLEASE let me know ASAP. PM me your phone number! Thanks, Kii
  2. racemx100

    i hate my 09 250f

    simple bike maintenance.. if you can't tighten your own spokes, I would bet money you can't do much "maintenance"
  3. racemx100

    2004 KTM 450 SX,, what is it worth,

    WHAT 4500? I had a 2006 SX 450 I was trying to give away for $3000, it was in amazing shape and had some nice parts on it. I ended up parting out and made over $4000 profit. You could buy a new 2008 for $4500 around me.
  4. racemx100

    ktm leaking oil

    why do you have oil coming out the stator cover?? it should be dry in there.. look past the stator and flywheel and see where the oil is coming... I have a 2008 SXF 250 and mine is bone dry. CRANK SEAL??
  5. racemx100

    KTM 250 SXF Hard to Start

    When it is cold - 2 turns of the throttle for some fuel. If it starts and die's kick it a few times. If nothing 2 more turns and try again. If it dies again repeat steps with choke on. When hot - NO GAS!!! kick about 3 or 4 times, if nothing pull the hot start and kick easy and quick like a 125 about 5 times, if still nothing release hot start and kick 3 - 4 more times. If it still doesn't start, give it one turn of the throttle and repeat. If you think you fooled it no matter if its hot or cold, pull the hot start and quick short kicks will clear it out and most often it will start up with in those 5 to 6 quick short kicks. Jetting will definitely help but mine started the same before and after jetting for the most part. Get the RD PowerBowl, skip the JD jetting kit. Your bike will never bog, EVER...
  6. racemx100

    mickeyo/walnut rentals

    That sucks that you have had 2 get rained out already, but I agree with JohnyO, there is more to it than that because I have rode walnut after 2 inch's of rain and it is amazing!!! Wednesday practice was also called off on Tuesday night at the last minute and it was not due to weather because it was perfect 2 days before as well as on Wednesday. At least some of you guys showed up at Mt. Carroll, track was pretty good I thought, rough and some awesome ruts!! If all is a go for this Saturday Mickeyo, I would like to be out there with a +1 so the drive from Lake Geneva isn't so lonely if its okay with you. On a side note, I talked to Bob's son Josh at redbud and he said they made some new changes to the track and added a new section so no one has ridden it yet, except Josh so that will be pretty cool to ride if its a go this weekend.
  7. racemx100

    Need help with 250 timing

    Well that sucks, was it running when you did it, cause if so you probably messed up the valves if they hit the piston. To do the timing, drain the oil. Then take the tensioner out which is the big i think 21mm bolt on the cylinder behind the header. Then on the bottom of the motor, there is a big Allen bolt with a thick copper washer, take it out and remove the washer, and then put it back in, and slowly turn the crank over until the bolt goes all the way in. (There is a hole in the crank for it to fit into, which puts the motor at top dead center.) After that you have to have the head cover off, and there are white squares on each cam gear, line lose up so they are pointing at each other, and line up with the cam carrier(The line is where the bottom and top piece bolt together.) Then turn the motor over a few times and make sure it is still the same, because if you are off 1 tooth, your bike will not run right. Make sure to take the bolt out of the crank and put the thick washer back on!!!!!!! Then take the tensioner and push it all the way down, except leave about 1/4 showing, put it back in and tighten, then from the top of the head, stick a screw driver behind the cam chain and put pressure on the tensioner to release it, it will click out and the cam chain will be tight again, put the head cover back on and your ready to go. Well you have it all apart, you should check the valves too. Have fun. Ky #100
  8. I have a 2006 KTM SXF 250 and 450. They are both identical bikes for the most part. I am thinking of getting rid of them to get 2008's, but i dont really know what a good price would be so i thought i would ask the KTM experts. Both bikes have full Factory Connection Suspension, with everything you can possibly do to it. They both have full FMF Ti Pipes. Both have Billet Orange Hubs and Nipples with Black rims. Everything on the bike is powder coated black, and all the aluminum parts are anodized orange. Renthal bars, sprockets, chains. SDG seats, new plastics. 450 has 35 hours on it. The 250 has 50 hours on it with a rebuild at 30 hours, and a clutch at 48. Both run great. Both bikes have some other carb mods done, and the 250f has a ported and polished head. What would be a good price to ask for them, any help would be great. Thanks, Ky #100 Please give me some feedback... What would be a good asking price???
  9. Hey everyone, i have a question. I am pretty good with motors and bikes. I split my own cases, and do the valves, and rebuilds, but i have a question, and i want to see what others think, or if they have had this problem. On my 2006 KTM sxf 250, it is making a tapping, or clicking noise. It is coming from the cam side. I have checked the valves, so that is not it, and its a pretty fresh motor. It sounds almost like the cam chain is slapping, but i checked it and it seems tight, and it has the hydro. chain tensor so I'm not sure that is the problem. The only other thing I can think of is maybe it is the main bearings, but the bike only has 40 hours on. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but if you have, let me know what it was, or what you think it is, and if you havn't had this problem, let me know what you think would cause this noise. Thanks, Ky *100*
  10. Hey, I had a KTM 250F that was super hard to start and bogged really bad, I bought the JD jetting kit and a set of carb inserts from a company who posted on this forum but i cant remeber thier name. It helped my bike so much doing that, and it gave it a great feel downlow with no bogging. I just sold my bikes because i got a deal to ride hondas, but i have those carb inserts that i took out before i sold my 250f. They were $100 bucks and i was wondering if anyone wants to buy them for cheap, $50 bucks. They will fit the KTM 250f, or any other Keihin FCR 39 mm carb. Thanks, Kyle *100* This is a picture of what they look like, but the picture is very bad, my camera sucks!!! They go in the front of the carb to help controll the air flow. They are a lot like the powernow ones. p.s. If anyone knows the name of the company, or the website that sells these, please post the link or name. thanks!!!
  11. well i will have to try that tonight, my friend switched his, and he had no problem with them, so maybe if it was an older model or something, i will try it tonight and roport back later!!!
  12. Hey, yea the tanks is just a brand new stock tank off a 2006 KTM SX 450F, can hold the same amount of fuel and everything, just doesnt have the cap on the top like the 250F does. Email me when you get this, racemx100@hotmail.com thanks, kyle *100*
  13. Hey, i was just wondering if anyone doesnt like there 250F gas tank and cap, and would like to sell it, or trade it for a brand new 450 tank and cap? i have heard alot of bad news about them, but am looking for one so if anyone does, let me know. The other thing im looking for is a set of 450 radiators, i need a set of them so if you have some you are looking to get rid of, let me know as well. Thanks, Kyle *100*
  14. racemx100

    Ktm 250f Mega Bomb System

    sold it sorry guys, but thanks for looking!!!
  15. racemx100

    Boyeson Quick Shot

    I have the quick shot, and it is fine, but you have to adjust your squirt, i did the AP MOD, which is super easy if ur not dumb, i adjusted it down to about .5 seconds, and make sure that you adjust it after you put the quick shot on, because it will change. after that the quick shot helps alot, no bog off the bottom.