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  1. Cookie1

    ttr 230 2009

    Hi Rob, are the '09 TTR's definately available here in Oz? I put a deposit down on an '09 TTR110 for my daughter and they promised '09 was available with delivery for next week. 1/2 hr after they took my deposit dealer called and said 09's are not available, can't get one you'll have to have an '08.
  2. Cookie1

    Bike for 9yo girl

    Yes, I did consider the Rekluse on the 65 ( I have one on my WR ) but the lack of torque is still a problem. If the child is at the bottom of an incline or technical section they need to commit and keep up momentum on the 65 where the TTR110 will putter up easily. My son was on the 65 before he passed it to his sister and he is now on a TTR125. His trail riding ability improved dramatically on the forgiving 125 and he has become a much better rider, much more confident and more keen to ride than he ever was on the 65. The electric start is a bonus on the 110 when they fall because often you need to help them kick a 4 stk after its been on it's side. They are kids after all it and gives them a boost not need as much help, kicking a 4 stk after a fall is not always easy, thats why modern enduro 4stk's are now electric start. I also have a KX 100 as a play bike and I love it, but the KX100 has a lot more bottom end than the 65 by far.
  3. Cookie1

    Bike for 9yo girl

    Depends what kind of riding you want it for....my 10y/old daughter is on a KX 65 from her old XR50. The KX is the right height, weight, susp, brakes, easy to start, etc BUT... the lack of torque combined with having to manage the clutch has caused her confidence to plummet badly. Trail rides she handled easily on her xr 50 she won't even try now. I have considered every bike I can think of and the bike I will be buying her is the TTR110 because it has the auto clutch and electric start. 4 stk's are harder for kids to start than 2 stks and yes, compared to the KX it's heavier, poorer susp, brakes etc. but she should be able to go anywhere on it, no stalling/clutch to worry about and she can press the button to start it after a fall. For her it's all about a smile on her face while puttering along a trail with the family. If it serves the purpose and I have to sell it in 12 mths it was worth it.
  4. Cookie1

    scorpa t ride????

    Thanks, I'm on an '04 250f and find it too heavy.
  5. Cookie1

    scorpa t ride????

    Does it feel much lighter than a WR250f? The WR seems to carry its weight up high and feels heavy as opposed to some bikes carrying the weight down low and feeling lighter to handle. I'm very interested in a T-ride so please keep the feedback coming....thanks
  6. Cookie1

    '03 KX 100 Kick stand

    Does anyone makes a kick stand for an '03 KX 100? Are they a good quality product? Thanks
  7. Cookie1

    KX 100 skid / bash plates?

    Sorry folks, have been away with no PC access. Thanks for the replies, I have just ordered a full plate and appreciate the advice.
  8. Hi all, I have an '02 250f that had a YZ cam, YZ timing, airbox mods, Staintune muffler, rejetted, 12 tooth front 52 rear. I just bought an '04 250f and transferred the YZ cam, fitted a Staintune header and muffler, rejetted, airbox mods, 12 tooth front and 52 rear. The '04 doesn't have nearly as much bottom end as the '02 had with the cam etc. and the 02 that now has the stock '04 WR cam and stock pipe still has better bottom end that the YZ modded '04. I have ridden both back to back and the 02 has much more snap off the bottom. The 04 is better than stock but not good enough. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really notice the difference Thanks all
  9. I am after a bash plate for an '03 KX100 for trail riding. Does any company make them or even an aluminium skid plate would do. Thanks
  10. Cookie1

    Auto clutch for a KX65

    I have heard there is a berg? auto clutch avalable for the KX 65. Is it a full auto as in no gear changing or just a clutchless gear change? Any feedback from people who are using these for their kids? Thanks
  11. Cookie1

    02 WR250F Flywheel Failure

    Sounds like what just happened to me.....I had a bad rattle in my '02 WR250f and thought it was the bottom end until the mechanic rang me last night and told me the flywheel rivets had disintergrated and the flywheel was loose. I haven't heard of this happening before, seems to be a strange sort of failure, anyone else heard of this happening or had to replace the flywheel? Cookie