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  1. I bet it would be fun on a fire road, but not much else
  2. They're are fast, within 4 days on my last 3 orders Also AMA members discount
  3. Well Rex, I did go search though some of your post and the ones I read I have to agree with ya, as I do with the one above. I may go see what else you have to say as my frirst impression was wrong, I've been riding 40 yrs now and I'm getting old and pissy, so I'm having a hard time dealing with all these threats
  4. Didn't mean to open a can of worms, I'll search around and get your thoughts. Out here we are dealing with two ordinances, one in Riverside County and the other in San Bernardino County, in addition to the two ords, we have a State Senate bill that is still on the table, these ords and bill, if passed will pretty much kill riding in Ca., they propose to restrict riding to 3 day a week ( Tues, Thurs. and Sat ) between the hours of 8-7 on your own property regardless of size and location; They will also make it illegal to ride anywhere in the unincorporated areas of the county that is not an approved OHV park unless you carry permission from the owner. This whole thing is base primarily on excessive Sound level; Dust and irresponsible riding in the urban areas are an issue also, but sound is number one. If these pass, there will be no trail riding as we have now, nor will the district be able to hold events, due to the fact that our venue is checker boarded with private investment properties and many of these investors don't live in Ca. or the USA for that matter, so we lose a venue that we've had since 1932. But here's the scary part, these ords are being watch by counties outside the state of California, these are models that other states want and will impose; So, for many other us, there is no greater issue than Sound levels right now.
  5. I'm not sure I get this, BRC along with CORVA,ARRA,ORBA and the AMA all support the Sound restrictions, The after market exhaust manufacturers, like FMF all support the sound restrictions, are you saying you don't ?? or are you saying BRC wasn't supporting it enough ? Oh BTW, I bounce back and forth beween BRC and CORVA, this year it's CORVA
  6. My 01 has had the snot raced out of it, first 2 yrs desert, then the track, did some SM , This last year it's be getting out to shoot the races, now it's get'n a make over, I will continue to use it to shoot the races and do some district enduros. As long as they make parts for it and my powder coater doesn't go broke, it will be around a long time