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  1. Very interested in hearing the Hindle clip.
  2. 2001 SV650s
  3. $6495CDN + pdi & tax.
  4. I am unsure on how to check/adjust float level. Can anyone post how to do this? I'm sure it is not all that difficult. Thanks
  5. the whole bike looks bada$$
  6. Tried out the 148 main jet today, I also moved the needle clip to 3rd position. Much better through the mid to high range, still has a slight miss near the very top and a slight hesitation when whacked open. I think going from clip 4 to 3 helped the top end as I did this after testing 148 4th clip. The low end doesn't seem quite as strong as 4th clip. I am not convinced that this the perfect setup so I will keep experimenting. 05 SM 3x3, 148mj, 25pj, 3rd clip DJ needle, 2.5 turns fuel screw 1000' asl.
  7. Well I test rode the bike after the DJ kit install. 05 SM 142.5 main, 25 pilot, 4th clip, 2.5 turns out fuel screw, 3x3, stock exhaust, 1000' asl. I initally thought it had much improved low to midrange, but the top end felt flat, with some hesitation when whacked open from midrange. I had to go to work so I taped about half of the hole over. It was an improvement but still not as strong on top. It will pull to the limiter in all but top gear, top speed in 5th was 150Km indicated. I have 146,148,150,155 jets in hand. I think I'll try the 148 1st, any other suggestions would be appreciated i.e. needle clip, fuel screw. thanks
  8. Anyone???
  9. Just wondering if anyone has an update before I put the carb back in for the first and (hopefully) last time. Here is what I did. DR-Z 400SM, 142.5 main (stock), 25 pilot, DJ needle 4th clip (S kit), fuel screw 2.5 turns out, stock exhaust, 3x3 mod and I live @ less than 1000' above sea level. BTW I have all jets from 142.5-155. Thanks
  10. Conductor for Canadian National Railroad.
  11. I could also use this info if it is not too much trouble amigo316@msn.com
  12. I've only had the bike a week and I'm not a big fan of the stock seat at least not the highway.
  13. I bought a DRZ400sm week ago in Newmarket Ontario for $6495.
  14. Chicken strips are the unused portions (or strips) on the outside edge of your tires.