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  1. cuttyinjapan

    A1 2008 torrent

    Hey thx from New zealand! Keep seeding guys!
  2. cuttyinjapan

    Here's the Anaheim Torrent

    Thanks from Japan - love your work - keep it up!!
  3. cuttyinjapan

    Toronto Lite Torrent Please

    Its not available too many countries, and Japan is one of those!! Oh well I will have to rely on the good people to cap the races for us poor poor souls:applause: Thanks in advance
  4. cuttyinjapan

    Toronto Lite Torrent Please

    Cheers - hope we have some luck!!
  5. cuttyinjapan

    Toronto Lite Torrent Please

    bump up
  6. Hey team - i am stuck in Japan and really hanging out to see the Lites class from Toronto. I wanna see how the fellow Kiwi Ben Townley got on......I think he is competing? Anyway could some generous individual take the time to make the torrent - cheers.
  7. cuttyinjapan

    125 Torrent?

    Where be that torrent? I want bad:ride:
  8. cuttyinjapan

    Toronto lites/Vancouver SX Torrents

    Yeah yeah!! We need some legendary individual to make torents of the supercross races this season for the more unfortunate that live abroad and have no access to the weekly fix. I am in Japan and its the highlight of my week - getting the supercross via torrent and sitting back with my sushi that my geisha girl has prepared for me and watching all the antics of supercross. ; )
  9. cuttyinjapan

    Toronto SX torrent??

    No seeds at the moment....... Where are the nice big CHRISSA torrents!! I will take what I can get though - thx guys.
  10. cuttyinjapan

    2006 MXdN *Torrent*

    Looking forward to Dogg558 cracking the DRM thing and making this available... Work hard my friend - need to see this motocross action
  11. cuttyinjapan

    Millville Lites Torrent

    cheers from Japan!!
  12. cuttyinjapan

    Millville 450 torrent

    Thx from Japan
  13. cuttyinjapan

    Crash pic from last weekend

    Nice photography - bad day at the office for that bloke - but thats racing - sometimes falling is part of it - ask James Stewart - maybe that guy will win every race til the end of his season - he is just havingf trouble on that 1st corner!!!
  14. Forget the lead and give RC his points back. We wanna see racing not a soap opera. http://www.racerxill.com/default.aspx February 28, 2006 AMA Pro Racing to Investigate Fuel Situation - press release - PICKERINGTON, Ohio (February 28, 2006) – AMA Pro Racing announced today that it will launch a special investigation into the fuel situation surrounding the Amp’d Mobile AMA Supercross Series. On Friday, Feb. 24, Ricky Carmichael was penalized 25 points for using illegal fuel at round six of the series at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif., on Feb. 11. As part of a routine post race technical inspection at the end of the San Diego event, the fuel from Carmichael’s motorcycle, along with seven others, was tested. The fuel from Carmichael’s motorcycle was found to be out of compliance with the rules and the Team Makita Suzuki rider was assessed a 25 point penalty. The fuel from the other seven competitor’s motorcycles was determined to be within the rules. The list of riders whose fuel was tested includes Mike Alessi, Grant Langston, Jeremy McGrath, Nate Ramsey, Chad Reed, Andrew Short and James Stewart. AMA Pro Racing has required the use of unleaded fuel in AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross competition since the 2004 racing season. In making the announcement that a special investigation will be launched, AMA CEO Patti DiPietro noted that while a fuel penalty is not an appealable offense, there is enough evidence in this case to warrant an investigation. “Our goal here is to get to the bottom of this ongoing fuel situation,” said DiPietro. “The rule on unleaded fuel is clear cut. If the lead content in fuel exceeds 0.005 g/l (grams per litre) it is illegal for competition. This is an objective, easily defined measurement that has been in place for three racing seasons. What concerns us here is that we keep finding fuel that is outside of the rule limits. We expect our competitors to take every possible step to ensure that their equipment is completely within the limits of the rules, but to penalize a competitor for an offense that is completely beyond his or his team’s control is not our purpose. “Furthermore, it is not our intention to have a ruling influence the outcome of the series unless completely and absolutely warranted. This investigation will objectively determine all of the facts surrounding this issue.” DiPietro stated that an outside consultant will be contracted to conduct the investigation. It is expected that teams as well as fuel suppliers, among others, will be interviewed in this process. The finding and recommendations of the consultant will be the foundation for any further action to be taken by AMA Pro Racing officials. Until the outcome of the investigation is determined, Carmichael’s penalty stands.