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  1. damien_666

    pulled rear wheel off 02 yz250f....

    do NOT push down on the brake pedal when the wheel is off, as it will totally close the caliper making it much harder to get the pads apart, i learnt that the hard way when i took off my front wheel and applied the front brake, doh
  2. damien_666

    Almost toasted the Motor

    Same thing happened to me except i lost the oil pressure check bolt, but luckily i didnt lose all of the oil in my bike so i got away with it, but i know how scary it is to see heaps of oil all over your bike and boots. Good luck with it mate
  3. damien_666

    Fuel Tank Breather

    Thanks for the replys boys, nah i will have fun this weekend's venue was the best ride last year so i cant wait. I dont have that problem in QLD, we ride all year round. AUSSIES TO SMASH THE POMS IN THE ASHES!!!!
  4. damien_666

    Fuel Tank Breather

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix a snapped fuel tank breather hose which broke at the base of the fuel cap. I just need it to stop leakin fuel out of the cap and all down my legs for a ride this weekend. Thanks
  5. damien_666


    yes ive got no time, because my bike is at my mates place 3.5hours away were going to pick it up on the way through to the ride
  6. damien_666


    Sorry sunruh, i have an 01 WR it used to be in my signature but ive just realised that now that features gone. It only smokes sometimes not every time that i actually start the bike today i started it and it didnt smoke at all. Any thoughts as to why that might be?
  7. damien_666


    Recently my bike has been smoking a bit out of the exhaust and Ive been told that it needs new rings by the dealer. Ive got no time to change the rings myself before my next ride and I don't want to take it into the dealer to save some money. Will it do any damage if I ride it for around 100klms at this next ride, which will be the best of the year. Any thoughts will be appreciated.
  8. damien_666

    WR 01 hard to start

    become familiar with the decomp release and clearing the engine of excess fuel. the starting procedure is at thumperfaq.com go there and check it out
  9. damien_666

    Loss of Compression

    I recently noticed that i had lost a fair amount of compression on my 01 WR, i can now push it thru the stroke with my hand with some force applied. i checked my valve clearances quickly and i noticed that one of the inlet valves had more or less closed up and the other inlet valves had tightenen somewhat, is this very hard to fix? is this causing the loss of compression? or do i have another problem on the cards, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. damien_666

    WR250f help

    go to thumperfaq for starting procedure and other things too, good site
  11. the 450 only began production in 03, and i believe they had starter motor issues see "woodruff key" for that year. i think the rest are good but im not expert
  12. damien_666

    Bike and I took a swim, now it won't start.

    install that new plug NOW, it could be the source of all your problems, also if you have a mate with a black box the same as yours switch it with your one, and at least rule is out as the problem
  13. Guys, on my mates XR400 we were playing around with the return/pull throttle cables and now the throttle doesnt return back into postion (if the bike were running it would continue to rev high, instead of dropping back to normal idle revs. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. damien_666

    01' yz250f Won't Start!

    do you know the proper starting technique for the 01 model? thumperfaq.com if you dont. mine always starts first time when cold 3 times max when hot/stacked
  15. damien_666

    JD Jetting Instructions pdf - 05 wr450

    is this chart similar for the 250f or different, cos my MJ is 180 and im usually between 0-2000 ft