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  1. I have an 01 400s, and my cousin has a 02 model... thing is they both look exactly the same... are they? if they aren't, what are the differences that can be spotted?
  2. Hey guys... i was cool about not adjusting any of the readings... but today everything was blank... :| hahaha... looks like i'm gonna take it apart and clean it like you guys suggested... if that doesn't work i'll be going for an after market speedo like noppy suggested... thanks a bunch!
  3. 03 DRZ-S, just today i topped up my gas and tried to reset my odometer... and nothing! Nothing my display can be adjusted anymore! i mean the black bar beneath the numbers that indicate which properties i'm reseting/adjusting is just totally gone. Help me! i know its not a big deal, but its an irritating detail that has been bugging me all day... i've pushed evey single button on the display and nothing happens... is there some kind of lock or something? Thanks for any help! PS: i know it might well be some ridiculously cock up on my part, but hey... to be old and wise, we must first be young and stupid...
  4. metalface

    Help! Best tires and set-up for stock dirt rims?

    Ok, found a pair of pirelli MT60's and and dunlop trailmax's. Any comments on which are better tires? Also, what about the suspension set-ups? And can somebody tell me what fork braces like these <http://www.kytechmachine.com/pages/accessories.htm> are supposed to do? Cheers!
  5. metalface

    Help! Best tires and set-up for stock dirt rims?

    Thanks for the tips guys, but alas! i've searched high and low, and there are no avon/Cheng Shen distributors here in the lonely island of singapore... we do have just about every other tyre brand though... any other suggestions? Also, can anyone suggest a decent suspension set-up on my stock suspensions? What about fork braces? do they help any? Thanks for yer feedback guys!
  6. Ok, i admit it, this motard thing has has gotten my curiosity - it just sounds like a sackfull of fun! But i want to venture slowly into this, so help me out here. First things first, i'd like to run on my stock rims ('02 DRZ-400S) and suspensions, but tweaked for motard - just to get a feel before i invest in a motard conversion. Any suggestions for tires (100% on-road cuz only go-kart tracks around here) and suspension set-ups? What about fork braces? Do those really help? Thanks for any advice, really appreciate it.
  7. metalface

    Has anyone got one of these!!

    http://www.kytechmachine.com/pages/purchaseusa.htm I bought one and it rocks, looks WAAAAY better than the pictures here, can send you pics of it mounted on my bike if you guys are interested... good value for money, strong as hell, and looks downright sexy...