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  1. it isnt dodgy...you are paying fot the bike before it is even in the country. and it takes a month to get to you. if you do buy one just ask for proof of purchase e.g recipt
  2. at least somone agrees with me
  3. im not arguing you know the swing arm on thumpstars...well they say the chain cuts through the swing arm
  4. pm me your email adress carlronchi. the 05 thumpstar still has the swing arm problem, and also is slower than the xsport (as standard!)
  5. Helmets people!! helmets!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. i dont wanna argue...but you lot in america think the thumpstar is a good bike...and here its shit, it is a copy of the xsport, and the xsport is a copy of the honda crf50. cos america is bigger there will be more mixed opinions and romuours of what goes on in the pit bike world
  7. They are not copies of a copy!!! thay are one of the best bikes in england. carlronchi i live in the lakes
  8. try this game its cool, my top score is 1100 http://www.ebaumsworld.com/helicopter.shtml
  9. urm, i dunno they are made by a company made by sport and leisure www.sportandleisure2.com the link i gave you before is just a link to a dealer who sells them cheap.
  10. http://www.mattgardinermx.com/id1.html
  11. You lot not heard of xsports in the USA im from england and xsport is 1 of the well known brands here