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  1. Ride the bike and stop worrying about these questions, the bike can handle all of what you are asking about and much worse. 6. You can adjust the idle screw for a little bit higher idle speed. The idle screw is a throttle slide stop in the carb so adjusting it some will keep the throttle open slightly more so the bike will stay running. Also, your air screw can have an affect of idle as well, but I would start by turning your idle screw in. 7. It is preference 8. You can tell if the bike is running lean if at constant throttle, you ever feel it cut out and lose power for a split second. A plug chop can tell you if your main jet is lean, rich, or accurate. Main jet controls only 3/4 to full throttle though, so identifying leanness in other parts of the throttle stroke can be more of a test and tune game. You wont damage anything as long as you keep the air filter cleaned and oiled, the tranny oil fresh, and the premix/gas ratio correct (most run about 40:1 - 60:1)
  2. trailnewcomr

    Milky liquid overflowing

    does the inner clutch cover need to come off in order to change the impeller shaft seal?
  3. trailnewcomr

    Which viscosity gearbox oil

    anybody using rotella standard grade 30? or is everyone using the 15-40. I just bought an 07 ktm200xc and will be doing mostly recreational type riding
  4. trailnewcomr

    ttr 250 cam shaft issues

    We'll git 'er done. Got to get that cylinder back from hone and figure out how to change out those valve seals in the head. Does anybody have any helpful tips about how to change valve seals on the head of this bike? what tools required? We are both completely new to working on four stroke engines (i've been helping with this rebuild some), so any help is greatly appreciated. Service manual leaves a little to be desired.
  5. trailnewcomr

    first piston for 200xc

    The dealer I bough it off of said they tested the compression and it was good. Bike started first kick cold on two seperate occasions for me, and the kickstarter feels pretty solid. Was traded in by someone well off along with a yz250f and 2 full size atvs! So, in other words, there is a good chance it wasnt ridden hard, but that is more of a guess.
  6. trailnewcomr

    first piston for 200xc

    Hello all, I'm coming back from a long stint without a bike, and I am picking up an 07 200xc next month with low hours (but unknown exactly how many) and I am wondering which vertex piston to buy. The bike supposedly has the stock piston in it ( from the factory ) I am wanting to order the piston before I have the bike so I can get to work right away when I do have it. If I change the piston right away when I get the bike, should I go with vertex A? If I wait and ride it for 50 hours, should I then go for a B piston?
  7. trailnewcomr

    cylinder coolant plug missing after cylinder work (kdx)

    yes, thank you for the advice
  8. trailnewcomr

    cylinder coolant plug missing after cylinder work (kdx)

    any idea what size?
  9. My buddy just got his cylinder redone for his 95-06 kdx by powerseal usa. When he put his bike back together and went to fill it with coolant, the coolant started pouring all over the floor because powerseal apparently forgot to replace this plug that is right below the exhaust port on the cylinder. So now he needs to find that plug but we cant figure out what part number on kawasaki's part diagram. Does anybody know what im talking about ? the only thing that i can see on the diagram is #130191 which is a screw that has a little spring and metal ball that sits on top of it, but i dont think thats the right thing. I just sold my kdx and i cant remember exactly what this plug looked like. i was using the diagram on kawasaki.com https://www.kawasakiepc.com/SystemSearch_Frames.cfm?QuickSearch=1&SearchFor=KDX220-A8&SearchBy=Model&cGroupID=&CFID=5497345&CFTOKEN=16454755
  10. trailnewcomr

    kdx revs super highn at start up

    does it have good compression? i think i remember my kdx doing this whenever it was time for a new piston and rings. otherwise check idle and air screw as the other guys stated
  11. trailnewcomr

    Anyone have devol rad guards??

    mine didnt fit very well, they required some tweaking and the one corner is ziptyed !
  12. trailnewcomr

    kdx pipe fitment

    they rode the bike and thought that the lack of low end was due to the pipe not fitting in the cylinder far enough (if thats what you mean?) but i think i might just tell them to check the kips actuator arm and governor while its there
  13. trailnewcomr

    kdx pipe fitment

    can i check the actuator arm by taking off the clutch cover, if so, do i have to drain the coolant to do this, or just the tranny fluid?
  14. trailnewcomr

    kdx pipe fitment

    the piston job was done right for sure, and i cleaned the powervalve assembly while it was out of the cylinder (got replated) but maybe chokey or jeekinz will chime in (no offense to the other gods not listed)
  15. trailnewcomr

    kdx pipe fitment

    do you know how i can check/ fix this? would the powervalve even work at all if that is the problem?