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    Sending out suspension - tips needed

    Thanks for the pic and the list. Looks like the gun case is the way to go. It is Showa suspension (CRF250R), so I guess Enzo is out. RG3 website seems to be down, and I can't find any info on ActiveRide. Factory Connection looks appealing since they have an East Coast shop. Pro-Action has one fairly nearby, too. Anyone have any opinions on Factory Connection or Pro-Action suspension work?
  2. poopsie

    Sending out suspension - tips needed

    Well, the local shops I've talked to want 2 hrs at $70/hr just to change the fork oil. I haven't found much 'working with you' type of attitude. Mostly just 'Tell us what springs you want to put in there, and we'll charge you alot to do it' kind of thing. But if anyone can recommend a good suspension tuner in the Charlotte area, I'll definitely talk to them. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Want to send off my forks and shock for revalving and new springs. Thinking of Race Tech. Any advice? I'm not a master mechanic. Is there anything I should know about removing the forks or shock? Can this be accomplished safely by a relative newb? A quick outline of steps would be fantastic if anyone feels like it.