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  1. Why would anybody have two different usernames? That seems so stupid. Goob you suck!
  2. I went to these links but can't figure out what information Goob was looking for in regards to Foresthill and G town.
  3. Sorry, count me out. Goob just PM'd me and said you guys are really mean. Always keeping things a secret and making fun. He said he know some fun trails with pretty flowers where everyone is friendly and gives directions. He also said something about practicing for an enduro.
  4. Count me in. Sounds great!
  5. I'm on your side too!!! Goob's a dork. What kinda name is Goob anyway. Just go away Goob! Leave us alone please. Your mean!
  6. Listen squids. I know a super secret trail up there that's about 300 miles long, I ride it alone all the time. If I fix my flat I'll be there to show it to you. See you around 8:30.
  7. Hi guy's. I think goob is a squid for sure.