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  1. stef wr426

    Clicking sound

    check exhaust for leeks and valve clearance,s dont really know what you can hear.you probably sorted it by now.
  2. stef wr426

    426 big bore love one

    really don't know . i need knowledge myself
  3. stef wr426

    5th gear issue

    i have had a dodgy fith gear for ages i just live with it
  4. stef wr426

    What's A 02 426 Yz Worth

    £2.500 if you can get a buyer.
  5. stef wr426

    426 big bore love one

    where do i get parts ;i would love to fly.
  6. stef wr426

    426 big bore love one

    got a 3 year old wr 426f; can not have another bike . need more power to have in reserve, please tell me any thing you know; i think i want one.
  7. stef wr426

    04 WR Start Botton - Help!!

    yamaha kill type button= sorted