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  1. Steve07

    250r or 450x???

    Hmm, 5'12"... That's durned near 6 foot tall isn't it?
  2. Steve07

    Alberta Class 6 requirements?

    What paperwork do you have to have to get a class 6 in AB now? I was reading about a motorcycle course and it requires a class 5 license, and a class 6 learner's permit, which I have never heard of. Can't find it on the gov. website either. Basically, what do you have to do to get a bike insured and plated so you can take a test? I think I would rather just do the test and forgo the pleasure and $500 cost of the motorcycle school. Appreciate any input.
  3. Steve07

    Really stupid valve ?

    I just did a valve check the other day and when you're not paying attention, it is easy to turn to TDC, grab the feelers, and get ready to check, and realise the cams are pointing one up one down and you're on the wrong damned stroke. Not my first adjustment either... just get to taking it for granted and not thinking.
  4. Steve07

    Gearing questions???

    I just did the uncork (JD, Snorkel, Ex. restrictor) on my E and changed to 13-47. Hell of a difference in low end power and wheelie ability. The top speed is right in that 70-75 range I'd estimate, but BUZZY as hell. I keep looking for another gear 'cause it feels like it used to topped out in 4th w/ 14t cs. Depends on what you do. I am off-road only and I won't go back.
  5. Steve07

    Jetting '05 DRZ E

    Red needle to clip 3. Fuel screw back to 2.5. Noticeable improvement. Also drilled the restrictor out of the can, whether it did anything or not I am not sure. Took it for a 20 mile X-country rip, rainy, muddy as hell. Tops out smooth as can be. No hesitation or sputter- pulls strong through the range. Made it pop once on deceleration, less than stock though. I can still make it bog, if I lug it along with the throttle closed and snap it WO, it goes "burRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" Doesn't die, bogs less than before, came close to looping out for the first time on this bike. I am impressed by the difference in power. From about 6-8mph, if you go WO in 3rd, it comes right up to balance point in a couple seconds. As far as my riding style, I have to make it bog now. In the trees and such I am usually on the clutch and throttle all the time and when I ride that way- no bog. If I play, trying to find the bog, it is there. I do not think I feel like tearing it down for the 8th time in two days, at this point. If there are any more easy changes to make re. needle, f/s, etc., I'm open to suggestions, otherwise I am 98% happy for now and have a great starting place to fine tune in the future. I am not at all comfortable with the inability to restart w/o priming in certain cases w/ taffy mod. I know nothing about AP carbs other than what I've read on here either, so I may leave it for a bit. Thanks very much Burned.
  6. Steve07

    Jetting '05 DRZ E

    OK- I have just tried it- Red needle, 4th clip- call me crazy but it felt snappier on the bottom, but still the bog. It only bogs right off idle when the engine is almost lugging along at no throttle and I snap it wide open. Not causing me big grief but it is annoying. Again, started fine, idled fine, very punchy compared to stock, not sputtering except very mildly and briefly as it recovers from that bog. Tried screw at 2 turns, and 2.5 turns... . I can't decide if it was better or worse re. the bog but my first impression, like I said, was more hit on bottom... .
  7. Been looking on the archives, but not finding exactly what I need, and am tired of the blind trial and error routine. Bike is an '05 DRZ 400E. First jetting job for me. It is stock re. motor and exhaust. Bought the JD kit, installed 162 main, blue needle 3rd clip position. Fuel screw 2 turns. All else is stock. My elev. is roughly 2700'. Power difference is noticeable, w/ jetting and 13t cs sprocket, I pull 3rd gear power wheelies even while its muddy etc. But, the bog issue is there. It starts better than before. Idles just fine. Warm it up and it will bog when the throttle is cracked WO at idle, and will bog when you crack it open off the bottom while riding. It doesn't die, and it picks up fast- first gear it will lift the front up so fast it's scary, but that little bog bothers me even though it is only brief, just off idle. I have tried 2.5 turns on the f/s- no help. Where do I go from here? PS- It is also cool (48 F) and rainy, but is normally warm and dry when I ride, if it matters. Any help appreciated.
  8. Steve07

    Insurance/registration for dirt bike in AB...

    Well now that is something that wouldn't have occured to me. Interesting.
  9. Steve07

    case guards

    Got mine a week or ten days ago. Mine had smudges. Buffs out easy. Yes, edges were a tad rough on mine also. I just stuck 'em on, taped 'em down, rode 'er next day. No problems on install, or since. They are so mudded up now that you can't tell they're on there most days, unless I wash it and they're great looking until ten minutes after I head out. Won't quit raining.
  10. Steve07

    Insurance/registration for dirt bike in AB...

    Update: different broker, different outcome. Went to another one I know and have dealt with. Smaller, private agency, not a sell-out to the big Eastern company like my current guy. Wanted the business (cause she wants the rest of my policy) and shook her head and sneered that the other wanted a class 6 license. Got my PLPD, and my plate and stickers all for $190. Only thing that chaps me is the price of fire/theft/loss coverage which I did not put on yet. If it is pricey, I suppose there is a reason. Being as the value of the bike takes a $1000 dollar hit as soon as you sign the paper at the dealer, I suppose I'd only need to worry about it for a couple years. Depreciation will solve the issue soon enough... . Now- where to mount the plate? Reg's say front or back. Nowehere on the back, will look ugly as hell on the front... life's tough. Thanks for the info folks.
  11. Steve07

    Insurance/registration for dirt bike in AB...

    OHV Act says that headlight that will illuminate objects at 60m, tailight which can be seen at 60m and spark-arresting muffler are mandatory on public lands. Leastwise that's what it read like to me. Gonna call some other insurance agents today... . Glad to hear that not everyone is having these issues... .
  12. Steve07

    Insurance/registration for dirt bike in AB...

    The way I understand what my dear old broker was talking about, I think he was trying to insure it for highway use. An off-road bike... at highway insurance rates... . Dumb. He said that things are different for motorcycles than for ATVs. He also said you do not need a plate on an ATV, which is NOT what I read in the OHV Act. He also said that snowmobiles have to be plated same as motorcycles. When I asked why (if they are all in the same class of vehicle as per Traffic Safety Act s. 117a) you need to plate a bike, and have a license to use it, but have no license or plate for a quad, and no license but must have a plate for a snowmobile... he kinda blanked out, and I proeceeded to tell him to cancel everything and I would figure it out myself. I damn near fell off my chair when he said it would be 350-550 a year to insure- that didn't include collision or theft/fire/loss or anything- just liability. Needless to say I was annoyed at the whole thing. It was supposed to be a good hobby to give me excercise, reduce my stress and blood pressure, and make me all zen and happy and shit!!!!
  13. Can anyone fill me in on regulations regarding insuring a dirt bike (DR-Z 400E) for off-highway use on public land in Alberta? My broker says you have to have a Class 6 license, and he wants anywhere from middle $300's to middle $500's dependent on company. He also said that all crown lands are designated as "highway." Well it states in the OHV act that an OHV cannot be used on-highway, ditches included, but I know lots of people who ride on crown land, and in the FLUZ. What the hell is going on, are they all paying $500 a year for ins. and a plate to ride a damned dirt bike or quad? Why would you need a license to operate a NON street-legal bike, off road. Makes no damned sense to me. Anyone who can tell me what they have for insurance, what company to go to, and approx. how much it costs will be my hero. I have never ridden off private land before, so I have no idea on how all this crap goes. Thanks. Steve07.
  14. Steve07

    650R question

    Thanks Moredesert. That's the exact thing I was wanting to find out. If the XR is poorer on stock susp, then I would likely kill myself as I am pushing the DR-Z out of it's stock capability right now, but I can still keep upright. It just rattles the crap out of me. The side plates and ACCT and stuff are the nit-picky things I was wondering about cf. the Honda. I am finding out it has them too, like the footpeg thing and clutch and now the choke plate as you mentioned; the DR-Z will stay- might as well put the money there. I am attracted to the power of the 650, but I still manage to scare myself the odd time with the 400. Always rode red, but I guess I can swallow my disgust and ride a yellow one . At least until I decide to get a red one too!
  15. Steve07

    650R question

    I have an '05 DR-Z400E that I bought when I actually went to look at a used '03 XR650R. Saw a couple things that had been done to the XR that I did not like, and I got infatuated with the Suzuki. Anyways- paid more money for the DR, and over time have been thinking I should have bought red. Things I dislike on the Suzuki- thin magnesium crap that breaks, and requires a bunch of plates and shields and stuff right off the bat; the whole auto cam chain tensioner thing; the fact that the bike goes like a bat out of hell, but hammers the crap out of me on rough ground while doing it. I am not a racer, I just like open, fast riding- all off-road or dirt trails. Not into technical trails, like to stay on the ground. Love to just crank the throttle and pick the front wheel over whatever is in front of me. Like to just hit the gas and blow through ruts and bumps rather than trying to pretend I am a technical rider. The DRZ works well, lots of snap, but rides poorly at higher speeds, and needs LOTS of add-on protection. My question is this: would I be happier with a 650R? Considering that the XR is only 15 lbs more dry weight, I wonder what advantage the DR has? In stock form, is the XR suspension better set up to handle rough stuff going fast? I weigh 215lbs. It does not sound hard to uncork the XR, but I don't want to sink money into the Suzuki if I am further ahead going up to the 650R and putting the effort into it. Anyone here have any relevant experience? Thanks- apologies for the essay.