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  1. That LED light is definately going to drain your battery. I understand those LED lights will burn for years without burning out, so I would say you got around 3-5 years and that battery is dead. -
  2. I have these and like them = http://www.roxspeedfx.com/cgi-bin/cart/showitems.cgi?subcat_id=256 -
  3. This is also a P38. It was made by Walther. -
  4. I have the First Gear Trekker and it is a great winter jacket, but I only wear it in winter. I have a Joe Rocket Comet for the inbetween times Regularly 249-299 - On closeout sale $115 plus tax and shipping http://www.newenough.com/joe_rocket_comet_jacket_page.htm And for Summer - Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Mesh Jacket at Derby Cycles - $110 plus shipping. http://www.derbycycles.com/cgi-bin/eShop/index.cgi?cart_id=8427045.38224&pid=3216&product=&count=1 And you can add this for the really hot days - Sahara Vest at New Enough - Polymer imbedded for holding moisture - zips into Phoenix Jacket - $39 plus tax and shipping http://www.newenough.com/joe_rocket_sahara_vest_page.htm -
  5. I do know that LED's draw substantially less electricity than the stock lights. That is the reason they flash fast. The small amount of juice confuses the flasher. I know you can also install an inline resister to correct this but if there is no reason to do so, why bother. -
  6. I installed a UFO brake light with integrated signals. The Signals flash fast, but they still flash and they give plenty of indication about my turn. I had planned to leave them as they are. Is there a reason I should not want them flashing fast other than aesthetics? -
  7. From one of your old posts. I just looked it up using search since I am wiring up the UFO tail light now. -
  8. For Mesh - Might I recommend the Joe Rocket Phoenix 4 - The jacket I was wearing when I had my get-off at 75 MPH on the freeway - See this thread for that discussion - http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=351513 Anyway back to the Jacket Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 at Derby Cycles - $110 plus shipping. http://www.derbycycles.com/cgi-bin/eShop/index.cgi?cart_id=8427045.38224&pid=3216&product=&count=1 You can also add the Sahara Vest for summer riding at New Enough - Polymer imbedded for holding moisture - zips into Phoenix Jacket - $39 plus tax and shipping http://www.newenough.com/joe_rocket_sahara_vest_page.htm Finally I just picked this one up for a winter jacket even though Summer is just beginning because it was such a good deal - Winter Jacket Joe Rocket Comet - Regularly 249 - On closeout sale $115 plus shipping http://www.newenough.com/joe_rocket_comet_jacket_page.htm -
  9. You just got to find the right Insurance Company. In Texas the insurance company classifies cars by their own criteria giving them a rating number from 1 to I think about 22. I went to one and they had classified the GT with a very high number and would not even insure it. Went to another and they classified all Mustangs the same, class 13, and insured it at about the same rate as a full size family sedan. So you just never know. -
  10. Check insurance on an S rather than an SM then if it is cheaper, change the wheels. -
  11. The lower the pressure the worse the mileage because it allows the tire to flex more and cause more wear. Best street mileage would be around 28-30 psi. Pump it up for the street and let the air out for the dirt. You can get a foot pump with a built in air guage for about 10 bucks. -
  12. You can email the guy, but my guess is that the purpose of this is registration so that you can not make copies of the CD and give them to all your buddies as the CD is serialized and once you go thru the registration process it downloads a license and the only place it can be read is the computer that has the license. I download audio books from the library and before I can listen to them I have to download a license and then I have about a month to listen to the book before the license expires and I have to re-download if I have not finished the book. -
  13. I have heard the Maxxis 6006's (Cheng Shin) are good Dual Purpose tires (rated aboout 50/50 dirt/street). I have a set in my closet but have not mounted them yet. http://maxxis.co.uk/mc/off_road/trail/c6006.html http://www.americanmototire.com/index.html?lang=en-us&target=d226.html -
  14. Thanks. If I find something I may take you up on that. Bill
  15. Yep, that is the accident. The ebay item looks good. Only problem is the shipping is $80US. Of course, considering the price of these things new that may not be too bad. -