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  1. nwmud

    Reiter Trails area to be turned into a public park!

    This is great news for all of us. The RTW (Reiter Trail Watch) is working on maps of the area and still needing help with getting the bike trails mapped out. But you can visit our wen site and watch the progress on the maps. Who knows maybe you want to get a little more involved in making reiter a fun place to play - lets keep it that way.
  2. The RTW needs your help. We are trying to map out the area and need help with the single track paths. wanna help? wee need help with Hiking trails and Horse trails too. http://s13.invisionfree.com/Reiter_Trail_Watch/index.php?showforum=14 Ritch http://www.reitertrailwatch.org/
  3. This post is temp suspended until further investigation has been completed. Ritch Aka nwmud http://www.reitertrailwatch.org
  4. nwmud

    Reiter users "read please"

    I have posted this information to people in the 4wd community at www.snort4x4.com. I have also asked them to pass it on to other users of the area. Ritch www.reitertrailwatch.org
  5. nwmud

    Reiter Trails Watch

    My name is Ritch AND I am the RTW member. someone sent me a link to this post. I joined just to respond to you guys. if you want to go to the meeting email mail me directly at nwmud@yahoo.com the next meeting is thursday in Everett. It is a private parties home so I will not post on-line sorry i have not responded to your emails - dont check the email very often cause the members have access to a area on the Snort4x4.com board. we use that to communicate the info. I have been waiting for response at my work email since thats what i used to contact people with. anyway - we do need some help maping the bike and quad trails. Also any hiking trails would be good to get mapped. Ritch