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  1. you are weak! 650 is kore and you cant handle it. i weigh 145 lbs. riding mtb my whole life. you cant handle the bear, dont diss the beast.
  2. OK thanks for filling me in i watched dust to glory the Baja 1000 race document and mouse McCoy was riding an xr so they must be a good bike i understand what this bike is for now and i like trail and desert riding the most , i just like to have the bike with the most balls
  3. i really know much about this bike other than it is very reliable but as a rider who wants to push it a little i do not think this is the bike the suspension looks like a toy , and i hear there is no low end please fill me in on what this bike is all about i am not mocking this bike but is this a bike for the desert or trails ? how does it compare to the Cr250?
  4. man how much money do i need ? i want to do it real bad i live in San Clemente right near the Mex border its a hop skip and a jump to get there when is the Baja race? i am going for sure
  5. what is a cr500AF?
  6. has anyone here been or raced any Baja races i think that this would be the most exilerating thing to do in your life i am sure after a Baja 1000 life would be slow and boring after whoever has any long distance races i would love to hear about them
  7. ya you get used to the power and learn to love it most of the time the back wheel is spinning so i don't believe i am getting full power i only weigh 150 man what a bike my hand also get torn up from riding this bike once again i love it
  8. yup you hit the nail on the head i love this bike man
  9. whats up guys just got back from trip in the high desert in California - i just sold my yz250f and am looking to get a crf250 the only bike that was available to me was my father in laws Cr500 old bike covered in dirt i kicked her over and the bike had a vibration like no other bike i have ridden, over all whoops with a flip of the throttle there was more than enough power to get the front wheel up to fly level,i like the way it corners, and even flew a couple jumps on it man the power of this bike is awsome how come people don't ride the Cr500 much and should i get one for the track or is it too much it was fun in the desert but i don't know how reliable this bike is anyone have any thing to say or any experiences on this very powerfull bike?
  10. ya i think i will
  11. cool thanks guys i just got back from the desert i go riding out by yucca valley California endless desert and if your lucky when were done riding we get dessert is this a bike i can depend on to start when i am far away from any civilization
  12. hello all i am recently riding a yami250f i love this bike for its handling and light weight, i do not like when it is hard to start when i am way out in the dessert i want a bike i can ride all the time, will i be able to turn and throw some dirt out in the dessert with this bike i love riding dirt but i would love to ride to the dirt as well please let me know how this bike handles in the dirt
  13. I saw a 2001 DRZ2001S with 2200 miles for 3000. Would this be a good buy. Is there a reason for not buying 2001 instead of 2003. Aren't they basically the same bike?
  14. I saw a 2001 DRZ2001S with 2200 miles for 3000. Would this be a good buy. Is there a reason for not buying 2001 instead of 2003. Aren't they basically the same bike?