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  1. those pictures are about 5 months old!! my bike is spotless now i can't stand it dirty
  2. lol finally som eone with an open mind!! thank you
  3. LOL YES!!!! i built and painted!! about a mile of fence last year, do lawn care on three acers of lawn every week. it all does add up. plus i paid the 1 grand down payment so the agreed to pay the rest
  5. ok so where do you ride near mannassas/leesburg
  6. yeah when did you guys get that harly davidson f-250?
  7. its an old civil war town. there is a road in mannassas called aldie road but no it is an actual town just west of gilberts corner (route 15 and 50 intersection) on route 50
  8. lol yeah i'm getting a Curtis Sparks full exhaust system and probable walsh/PEP front suspension package
  9. WOW i grew up there then i moved to the outskirts of leesburg. i acctuly live in Aldie but no one knows where that is but leesburg is about 10 miles away from me
  10. i live in the most northern county in virginia. i live in the town called leesburg in loudoun county and whats with your aviator
  11. 2005 yfz 450 and my brand new 16th birthday present (ford F-150)