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  1. motomark248

    Tip & Tricks for Teaching Kids To Ride

    I totally agree with all of the replies. I will add something though. My son was in the same situation a couple of years ago and I have been riding and racing since I was 7. I am now 35 and still LOVE all that goes with this past time. My sons riding abilities saw a HUGE impovent when a friend of mine who I ride with alot ( he races pro class ) suggested that I put in a nice figure 8 for Ty to practice on. Have him run the figure 8 5-10 minutes and then have him switch directions and run the same amount of time. My son and other friends of mine who have done this learns so much-- balance, throtle control, clutch control, weighting the pegs, and just overall smoothness it transferes to thier riding on the track or trail and has really helped all of us. Take care, Mark
  2. motomark248

    Baja Trips?

    Awesome!! I will check them out. Thanks for the help.
  3. motomark248

    Baja Trips?

    Thanks alot-- I will totally check them out
  4. motomark248

    Baja Trips?

    Thanks for the advice and info. I will check them out. The job was fun while it lasted. Now it is time to ride--Then find another job-lol.
  5. motomark248


    Gaerne's for sure-- $169.95 gets you a whole lot of boot for the money ( I work at motosport outlet ) and I think Gaerne is the way to go.
  6. motomark248

    Baja Trips?

    Hey There!! I was wondering if any of you could direct me to a good guide service for riding down in Baja. I work at motosport outlet and will be unemployeed soon ( business is moving operations ) and I am not able to relocate with them due to family here. On the positive side, I will have more free time to ride until I have to find another job. There are a few of us who have read stories about riding down there and it sounds like a GREAT time!!! We all here are motocrossers but the trips we hear about sound like a great time. Thanks for any help you can suggest.
  7. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Verdict= intake valves way too tight, exhaust valves are fine. Dropped my bike off at the shop early today and within 4 hours got a call saying it was running strong again. So here's the million dollar question. Why is my 04 crf450 going through intake valves when the exhaust valves have no problem? I was way off on when my valves were redone. My intake valves and springs were replaced 11 months ago. The exhaust were and still are fine. This is driving me nuts. I change all fluids at least every 3 rides if not sooner. Every time I ride is on a new clean filter oiled properly. I only ran super unleaded until the mechanic at Honda on my first valve visit strongly suggested running ultimate 4 and I have ran that fuel cut 50-50 ever since. Today they shimmed my intake valves and from past experience I feel that it a very short time fix, more of a bandaid. I work at motosport outlet and can get a very fair price on Kibble white valves and springs or as of Oct. 1st we at motosport outlet now sell and stock all Honda OEM equipt. Any suggestions?
  8. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Do you know if a T.P.S. could cause any of these problems. My friend wants me to buy one. He says being that my carb was sooo dirty, it wouldnt hurt replaceing it.
  9. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Thanks for the reply! With the specs in the owners manual, we used his feeler gauges and he said they were well within tolerances. I hope it is wishfull thinking because of the cost of doing the valves again, but when it started acting up again it was really progressive. Then I saw how dirty the carb was. I know it is real clean now but I hope it is just way out of adjustment. Do you know if the throttle positioning sensors could have anything to do with this type of problem? What does it really do? Again, thanks.
  10. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Thanks for the reply! I sure hope it isn't valves again!!! I don't have alot of time on it since they were redone. I have no carb mods but thought it might help at this point to go to the Boy. acc. pump cover and the Zip tie fuel screw to start. My friend wants me to buy a T.P.S. (new) being that my carb was so dirty. He is real knowledgable on the Yamaha's but has scratched his head with this Honda a few times.
  11. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Thanks dude! I have been told that alot today. I will be pulling it apart again tonight to tripple check it out!
  12. motomark248

    bike is not wanting to start

    Please HELP!! My 04 crf450r has been awesome! I had to have my valves replaced at a local Honda shop about 6 months ago. While they were at it I had them replace the rings. I had the bike since it was new and had ridden it alot. Three to four days a week b4 the valves went south. Then I hurt myself pretty bad and have ridden it at best once a week since the valves and rings were redone. It has always ran strong. I am not a very hard rider 30+ jr. class. Here is the problem. My bike has started being real hard to start. Before the problem I could twist the throttle 2 times, choke it and it would start in 1 to 2 kicks. Now just to get it to fire I need to twist the throttle during my kick. My carb was real dirty and I had a friend who is a good mechanic disassemble it and clean it completely. It was bad. He checked my valves, they are good, it has a new plug (twice) is getting good spark. Once it is started I can adjust the idle fairly high and it will idle until I shut it off and then once it is started again it will not idle. While riding it runs well until I go into a corner and it wants to die. So to recap, valves were replaced and new rings put it about 6 months ago. Bike ran strong. Was riding a few weeks ago and it got real stubborn to start. Thought it might have a stuck float and droped the float bowl and had alot of dirt. Had a friend/mechanic clean the carb, completely disassebled and was real dirty. I am sure it is CLEAN. The valves are good. Has a new plug. The hot start cable was bad. It is new. Getting good spark. Wont idle, running 50/50 vp ult 4 and super unleaded. Going crazy. Thanks in advance!
  13. motomark248

    Whats your most embarrasing injury?

    Three guys and myself came together in the first corner at Washougal and we all went down, total Carnage! I was bruised from seriously under arm pit to knee. Also half of my mid section. The bruise grew and grew. I got so concerned that I went to my regular doctor. Problem was, he was out and there was a sub, (chick). The lower 1/2 of my ***** was also a blueish/purpleish color.
  14. motomark248

    Piece of [@#$%&*!] Honda 2004 450

    Is this your first 4-stroke? I also have a 2004 crf450. It is unquestionably the best bike I have ever owned. After a year of riding it 2-3 days a week and racing almost every weekend I had to finally replace my valves and rings. If your bike insn't staring, your intake valves are most likely to blame. Like mentioned already, this is a race bike, treat it as one. I don't know your riding skill level, but I know I take great care of my bike so it in turn takes great care of me. As far as your problem, my Honda mechanic who I trust said he has noticed that those of us who are running Ult. 4 race fuel ( we are cheap and cut it 50-50) are having alot less issues. Is your mechanic a real mechanic? Is your fuel on? Are you mixing with a pre-mix? good luck