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  1. sick 96 250

    Fouling plugs.....

    you can check the reeds by pulled the carb out and then taking the reed cage off the motor. Look for any chips, cracks and make sure they are sitting flat against the cage with no gaps. Normally reeds will cause a hard start condition but it sounds like you are fine with starting. If the reeds are lifting a little a trick you can try is just flip them upside down and check to see if the condition changes. If so then get new reeds. When was the last time the bike actually ran? Might just need to do a full carb clean and clean every jet and crevice along with the air filter...
  2. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    Did you download the manual I told you how to get by chance? The air screw will control the pilot circuit for 0-1/4 throttle (mostly start up and idle), the needle will range from 1/4-3/4 and main jet controls 3/4- WOT. At least thats the general rule. If your running fat(rich) in the middle then using the needle clip to raise or lower with lean it out a bit or richen it up some. Have a look at this diagram and you can see what I am saying which circuit controls what http://www.iwt.com.au/mikunicarb.htm
  3. sick 96 250

    locked up?

    pull the head and have a look. Could be as simple and a stuck ring. Does it roll around freely as if it is out of gear?
  4. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    jetting is like a game, sometimes you may find the right mid range power but not the proper top end power. You change the main jet a size or two and you will have your top end power back but lose mid range. You just need to find the happy medium. The needle is meant to be adjusted, if you adjust it and notice poor improvement right away go back to where you were at and start over. This is the joys of tuning a two stroke.
  5. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    What elevation and temps are you at right now? That jetting sounds pretty good. Flip the carb upside down and look at your floats. A good rule of thumb is they should be parallel to the bowl. Make sure they aren't sitting to low or to high. The Blue needle is the richer needle in the series, you could try to raise the C clip up one notch away from the tip or even try the other way if that doesn't help, moving the clip up will lean it out a little and may help clear it up. How many turns in your air screw out? Should be somewhere between 2-3 turns I believe. Oh yeah and BR9 is the correct plug but you can run a BR8 series with no problems. The 8 is just a hotter plug so unless you are wide open at the track an 8 series plug will be fine as well.
  6. sick 96 250

    Fouling plugs.....

    in actuality you running rich with a mixture of 50:1, using a good synthetic oil I run all my bikes anywhere from 36:1 to 40:1. Considering the bike is starting first kick, your pilot jet is fine. What has changed since your last ride? How about the temp outside? When was the last time you cleaned your air filter? Bikes naturally just don't have a problem after sitting so something has changed outside of the bike.
  7. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    I can provide the actual link but google 2005 cr250 manual. Look for the E2S link and a downloadable url is listed. Good Luck
  8. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    All that goop can be signs of improper jetting, possible float height issues or a worn top end. Grab a manual and get familiar with tearing everything down, you should be able to find a downloadable PDF here somewhere. Its pretty easy if you follow along. I chased a fouling plug issue along with massive spooge leaking out the pipe for a while. We rebuilt the top end, changed jetting, etc and it still had issues. Ended up being the floats were off by a couple mm's. Once the floats got situated it was like a whole new bike and ran great. I heard everything from a right hand crank seal to warped head when it was a 10min fix inside the carb.
  9. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    PV= power Valve but in your case its the RC Valve. In the pic you can see the oil built up on the bottom of it and then it transfers down to where the jug meets the bottom end. I bet if you pull that side cover that says RC valve you will have a really nasty gummed up section. To check the jetting you need to pull the carb and disassemble. Fouling plugs like you are could be anything from wrong jetting to the floats just being off. Either case can also cause excessive spooging as well.
  10. sick 96 250

    CR500 front fork height set-up

    the suspension has been sent out and done for a 190lb rider so I am not sure what springs are in there but that weight suits me perfectly.
  11. sick 96 250

    Sprocket problem on my 02 cr 250?

    Did you change out the chain as well? If the chain was worn and you kept it chances are it ate up the new sprocket quickly. Its always best to change everything. I have never heard or a sprocket snapping in half either.
  12. sick 96 250

    New bike with some small minor issues

    There could be a couple things going on there. How hard is it to start the bike? Normally with a bad head gasket it will cause a lean causing a hard start plus in my past experience there is normally signs of coolant loss. Are you sure its not just coming from the pipe and working its way around? I have never really seen oil like that leak in that specific spot. Maybe an overly gummed up PV as well could be the culprit. Check your jetting and post it here. Just to be clear your bike should not have any oil in the bottom end. The mixture should only be entering the cylinder, firing and burning off and out the exhaust. Try a BR8ES plug, I have always had good luck with them as well and they are cheap. I also run a 40:1 mix using a higher end 2T oil. What oil are you using to mix as well?
  13. sick 96 250

    CR500 front fork height set-up

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm not use to seeing forks clamped it almost at the very top so I was curious if it was due to it being a 500 maybe there were better reasoning behind it. I guess testing will be the answer and just keep adjusting from there.
  14. sick 96 250

    CR500 front fork height set-up

    I just acquired a 97 CR500 which has suspension work done to it by proline I believe. It has all the clicker setting and such written down on the fork tube but there is no mention of fork height in the triple's. Right now they are pretty much at the top of the tubes. I know with my kx450 and rm250 they run anywhere between 10mm-16mm deep. I am new to the 500 so I am not sure if there might be some other reason they forks are set so high. I haven't been able to really get out yet due to a new rear tire needed so hopefully I can get an idea of fork height prior to going out.
  15. sick 96 250

    03 crf450 gremlins, getting zapped and high rev's

    Looks like it may be good to go. There is still a small throttle hang but I believe I just need to do another half turn out on the fuel screw. I started with the throttle stop almost shut and was able to get it running and set idle that way. The previous owner must of had this thing almost all the way in prior. She is pissin a little coolant but I don't know if that because I haven't really been able to get out and run it to get air flowing or not. There is a 1.1 rad cap on there and I have seen many like to bump that number up a little. I am going to flush the rad first and put new fresh water and antifreeze in with some water wetter and see how that goes.