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  1. Suzuki

    Is this Dan Noble?
  2. Suzuki

    I will pull some pictures together this weekend and figure out a way to get them to you. It truly has been taken care of and will make a great quad for whomever ends up with it.
  3. Suzuki

    Dan, I am planning on selling my 05 z400 within a month or so. It has maybe 20 hours total on it. Full Yoshi pipe system, K&N filter, jetted, nerf bars, black Blingstar Iron Cross bumper, black ITP rims, black TAG metals handlebars. Great shape, no wrecks, changed the oil 3 times already, always garaged, maybe 4 months old. My wife has the same unit without the modifications, and there is a huge performance difference! I live in Northern California, so I am sure that we can work out delivery if you are interested. I can send you pictures this weekend, if you like. I paid $6200 Out the door, additional $1000 in mods, I would sell it for $5500. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. Suzuki

    My wife and I bought matching z-400's this year, I did the exact mods that you are talking about and schwick was right it does wake up quite a bit. I am not sure about the exact numbers either but I imagine it is in the 4-5 hp gain range. Good luck.
  5. Suzuki

    Heading down to Baja Mexico this weekend and need to plan out gas stops. Does anyone have any idea of either the range (with a stock tank) or the gas mileage for the 2005 Z400. I have done a few mods including an exhaust system, but nothing that will effect the gas mileage too much. Any input will help.
  6. Suzuki

    I have a 2005 Z400 with recently installed K&N filter (I took the airbox lid off) as well as full Yoshi pipe, I jetted it appropriately and the difference is noticeable from stock. My question is aftermarket rev boxes. Which do you guys reccommend? What can I reasonably expect out of them performance wise? Any input will help.
  7. Suzuki

    Thanks Thumpertalk! Great suggestions. I will let you all know the results. I will ad that no matter where you ride, or whom you talk to in this sport, everyone is very helpful. Once I understand which way is up, I will do the same for someone else. See you all out there!
  8. Suzuki

    I am kind of new to the sport, but I have gotten addicted quickly. I recently bought a new Z-400 and need some suggestions to pep up the torque and HP. Additionally, I will be heading out to the dunes soon and I want to make sure that I am set up. Any suggestions would help.