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  1. yzf mxer

    Best Break in for 2 smoke???

    start it up check all the liquid levels take it to the track ride for about 15 minutes after lettting it warm up and just keep the revvs low the first day but that first day ride about 15 minutes in between breaks and just do that all day
  2. yzf mxer

    David Bailey Trooper Helmet

    :thats an awesome helemet, and im in the market for a new one!
  3. yzf mxer

    MC making the switch!!!

    even though bubba fell that is racing and rc was the better racer that night its going to be a good series
  4. waaaiiit its not on live right?
  5. yzf mxer

    My Team Honda Replica CRF450R...

    very nice bike congrats
  6. yzf mxer

    RIP Jordan

    hes for sure in a better place sorry to hear about your loss of a friend
  7. yzf mxer

    Tinted Goggles

    go for the smith ti with blue tints I love them
  8. yzf mxer

    yz 85

    honda as some damn good reliability with their 85's
  9. yzf mxer

    My backyard track after 1 day

    looking good
  10. yzf mxer

    Anyone riding tomorrow?

    I was just wondering if anyone else might go riding tomorrow I think I might head out to Lake Elsinore for a couple hours to sneak some riding in, either that or cahuilla creek.
  11. yzf mxer

    hanson hitting sipes

    Mike Brown should have beat his a$$! couldnt have said it better
  12. yzf mxer

    Pics of my ride

    The white plastics are so awesome nice looking bike!
  13. yzf mxer

    Check it out guys!

    very nice bike have fun with it
  14. yzf mxer

    cr250 to yz250f will i miss the power?

    I ride a yz250f and yes its anything but gutless its alot smoother power which isnt a bad thing
  15. yzf mxer

    knee braces

    you might want to also consider the CTI knee braces heard those are great but the asterisk knee braces are probably an awesome choice