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    Colorado Supermoto

    Thanks for the info!
  2. ktmbrad

    Colorado Supermoto

    I'm new to thumpertalk so please bear with me. Can anyone direct me to an organization in Colorado that deals with Supermoto racing. I'm new to this sport with an 05 KTM 525 and would like to try and kill myself so that the wife and kids can collect on the insurance. Also, do they have a beginner (what the heck are you doing out here) class??? Thanks!
  3. ktmbrad

    05 525 Mxc

    I'm new to the thumpertalk forums so please bear with me. Just bought an 05 525 MXC and the thing backfires like some gang banger in a street fight. I live in Parker, Colorado at about 6,000 feet altitude. Dealer did not change stock jetting and tells me now, "oh, you need to jet the bike for this altitude." To which I responded, "hey buddy, thanks a lot for the great set-up on the bike, what was I paying retail price for?" Any ideas on the jetting for this altitude?? Could this be some other problem? And, did I hurt the bike by riding the heck out of it anyway and putting up with the backfiring for 2 fairly long rides? Hope not! Thanks!