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  1. jcburni

    Scotts Under Mount Pictures

    OFG, did you have to do that to your triple clamp? I'm trying to mount mine ( same setup as you) and my triple is contacting my scotts tower before hitting the steering stops. Also did you have to file down your frame weld much?
  2. jcburni

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    It took me a lot longer than an hour and a half to wash my bike and all my gear. It was ridiculous, at least 3 hrs and my bike is still dirty. That bloody sand gets everywhere.
  3. jcburni

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    After A local hare scramble. it was a wee bit muddy
  4. jcburni

    Number backgrounds

    I would like to get some # backgrounds for my 07 wr250 and was wondering where a good place to get them is, graphics would be nice as well. Thanks for any help, Jacob
  5. jcburni

    Post Pics Of Your Husqvarnas.

    My Nephew and I. We drowned his bike so I gave him a lift:ride:
  6. Any suggestions. I would like a strong mount. It would be nice to have the 2 risers connected but I don't know if it is needed. Does the TT store sell anything that would work. The reason I am lookling is because I have bent the stock bars and would like to go to fatbars. I am 6'4" and have the husky spacers in right now and I really like this setup for height. Any ideas. Jacob
  7. jcburni


    HOLY SH$T:eek: S
  8. jcburni

    Opinions needed

    I'm interested in buying a 2007 wr 250 and am just wondering if everybody is happy with theirs. I would be coming off of a yz450 2003. I test rode a wr today and fell in love:ride: . All i have to do now is convince the mrs that it is a worthwhile investment:worthy: . Does anybody have any complaints:excuseme:
  9. jcburni

    Making My 03 yz450 a Woods Machine

    It sounds like the trails around here are a lot different then where you ride.(British Columbia). My bike is dialed for our fast trails. It's just that we also have super tight techniical trails, the kind that you don't leave first gear very often. In the summer you can charge the trails at higher speed it's just that in the winter it is the slickest train you can imagine. I think I've decided on a 10oz flywheel for now. I just need to be able to hold a slower speed without having to feather the clutch like crazy. Don't get me wrong I do love the bull ride of the yz. I just need it to be more manageable at low speeds. Thanks for all the help guys
  10. Interested in what other riders have done to their bikes to make them more manageable in the tight woods. I'm running 13/50 gears but it still is a beast in the tight trees. What have you guys and gals been doing to your suspension to make it better for the woods. Im thinking flywheel weight would help but what weight:excuseme: Any suggestions will be much appreciated:thumbsup:
  11. jcburni

    Rear Brake Problem

    I started with pushing my caliper pistons back to change my pads. When I went to push the brake pedal to align the new pads there was no pressure. I've bled the brake numerous ways. The syringe method, gravity bleed and traditional, but no matter what I try i still have no pressure. When i compress the pedal, bubbles rise in the mc resevoir. Do you think my seals are blown or do i just have trapped air?
  12. jcburni

    Video from todays ride

    Whats the music ?
  13. jcburni

    Awesome ISDE Vid!!!

    sick video! I have wet dreams about being that fast:worthy:
  14. That was pretty sick!! I don't think I'd do it unless i knew there was the trail of my dreams on the otherside. The guy only had the nervous front wheel wobble a couple times. I was very impressed that he remained quiet the entire time I'd be cursing and complaining the whole time.
  15. jcburni

    Dumbass of the Day

    the bikes probably stolen